Stories by Matt Hamblen

IT execs hope iPad, PlayBook can boost decision-making process

Tablets like Apple's iPad and the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will change and improve the way corporate employees work and make decisions, contend IT executives at Chevron and TD Bank. Both companies are evaluating and running trials on such devices.

Written by Matt Hamblen03 Feb. 11 05:57

Atlanta airport opens massive Wi-Fi network

Atlanta's international airport officially opened a wireless network Wednesday that officials claim is the first airport in the U.S. to provide users with several choices of competitive wireless Internet service providers.

Written by Matt Hamblen26 Oct. 05 21:05

Palm's move to Windows for Treo clouds Palm OS future

Palm's announcement last week of a Treo smart phone that will run Windows Mobile provoked a debate among IT managers over whether Microsoft's operating system or Palm OS is the better choice for users.

Written by Matt Hamblen04 Oct. 05 08:11

VOIP managers recount challenges setting up service

As vice president of voice product development at Merrill Lynch & Co., Todd Goodyear has weathered six complicated years of converging voice and data communications on an IP network. Goodyear said at this week's Voice on the Net conference in Boston that he and other network managers at Merrill Lynch are working off a seven-year plan in order to set a strategic direction for the convergence effort. But he noted that the plan has had to be adjusted to accommodate new technologies, unexpected problems and changing demands from end users and business managers.

Written by Matt Hamblen23 Sept. 05 08:07

Telecoms face 'one big mess' in Gulf Coast region

Cellular and other communication services were gradually improving in the Gulf Coast region more than three days after Hurricane Katrina blasted through, but service providers said they still couldn't reach equipment in the flooded city of New Orleans to make needed repairs.
Officials at Cingular Wireless LLC, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Corp. and BellSouth Corp. reported separately that with flooding and power outages in New Orleans, crews can't access cellular sites and switching stations for repairs. Sprint's crews are waiting in Baton Rouge, La., until officials say it's safe to enter New Orleans, a spokesman said.

Written by Matt Hamblen01 Sept. 05 22:00

Sprint, Microsoft team on wireless location service

Sprint Corp., with support from Microsoft Corp., Monday will announce a nationwide service designed to help businesses locate, track and direct mobile workers via wireless text and voice messages.

Written by Matt Hamblen16 May 05 14:13

Intel demos WiMax technology

Intel conducted a live demonstration of its WiMax broadband wireless capability for attendees of Interop Tuesday, offering high-speed Internet access over a 500-square-mile area around Las Vegas.

Written by Matt Hamblen05 May 05 08:34

Interview: CA's CEO explains management changes

John Swainson, president and CEO of Computer Associates International Inc., talked with Computerworld US about business-unit changes and other matters he has driven since arriving at CA in November.
You are sending a letter to CA stakeholders outlining five business units and other important changes. Why now? It is a follow-up to what was said last December of how to get CA focused and aligned and with all pulling on the same rope. So, we've obviously been in our final quarter of the fiscal year, and then didn't seem like a great time for organizational changes, but now we're through that and making changes that we intimated in a January interview with Computerworld. We want to position the company so it can grow and focus on its core markets and how to grow in those markets.

Written by Matt Hamblen29 March 05 22:00

HP launches software automation manager

Hewlett-Packard plans to unveil a management automation software product and a new version of its help desk software.
The new HP OpenView Automation Manager product replaces the pricey Utility Data Center offering. It includes technologies HP got when it acquired Novadigm Inc. and Consera Software early this year, as well as business intelligence software from HP Labs.

Written by Matt Hamblen26 Nov. 04 22:00

CA hires 'CEO-elect,' dithers on user show

Computer Associates International has named 26-year IBM veteran John Swainson as its president and future CEO, anointing him as the successor to ousted top executive Sanjay Kumar. But in a rapid succession of events, the company also canceled its CA World 2005 user conference and then reinstated the event after getting complaints from customers.
In a letter sent to users, CA said it had decided to postpone the next CA World until the spring of 2006 in order to "redefine" the show, which attracts thousands of attendees from around the world. But in an interview later, Swainson said the software vendor will hold CA World 2005 after all, although the conference will take place next fall instead of in April.

Written by Matt Hamblen24 Nov. 04 22:00

Case Study: Erecting secure infrastructure

Lend Lease Corp. had antivirus software running on all of the gateways, e-mail servers and desktops that serve its 10,000 workers worldwide, but that wasn't enough to prevent a Blaster attack on Aug. 3, 2003. That incident prompted the global real estate management and financing company to begin a process that resulted in a sweeping revamp of its IT infrastructure.
"Blaster hit us rather hard and on a global scale," says Chief Security Officer John Miles. The antivirus protections notwithstanding, he says, "we didn't have the right tools for proper insight to tell where the virus was coming from."

Written by Matt Hamblen13 Nov. 04 22:00

Bluetooth group releases three-year road map

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Monday is releasing a three-year road map for Bluetooth short-range wireless technology that includes a tripling of bandwidth and the ability to multicast signals to seven other users.

Written by Matt Hamblen08 Nov. 04 17:17

Railroad uses IP net to control signals, switches

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co. is nearing the end of the line on the installation of a US$30 million IP network along a heavily traveled rail corridor in the Seattle area, a project that's expected to increase the reliability of the technology it uses to control signals and track switches. The Sound Transit Telecom project involves the installation of a triple-redundant network of fiber-optic cables and T1 lines that will run for 45 miles between Seattle and Tacoma, Wash., and support combined IP voice, data and video traffic, BNSF officials said during a tour of network sites this week. The installation began two years ago and is due to be completed in 2005.

Written by Matt Hamblen05 Nov. 04 23:21

CA looks to move on after Kumar's indictment

Last week's federal grand jury indictment of former Computer Associates International CEO Sanjay Kumar for allegedly orchestrating widespread accounting fraud at CA left some users concerned, but undeterred about continuing to use the company's software.

Written by Matt Hamblen27 Sept. 04 13:12

VoIP gaining ground, despite cost concerns

Interest in voice-over-IP projects at U.S. businesses remains keen, according to analysts, and several companies are moving ahead with plans to install such systems.

Written by Matt Hamblen13 Aug. 04 16:27