Stories by Maggie Macrae

The new-look tool kit

Tom Honan knows his blades from his non-blade servers, the difference between consolidation and virtualisation, the benefits of commoditisation, the risks of consumerisation and personalisation, and the importance of embracing green technology. The chief financial officer of Computershare knows the numbers - in units and dollars - spent on, and saved by, adopting new hardware-based technologies and trends. (Honan starts as CFO at Transurban this month.)
Village Roadshow chief financial officer Julie Raffe, on the other hand, may not be able to spot a blade server at 10 paces, but she is well abreast of hardware technologies and trends. Like Computershare's Honan, she knows the details of her company's adoption and implementation of the latest hardware, keeps a close eye on progress and is happy with the results.

Written by Maggie Macrae17 Sept. 08 22:00