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Met Police CIO reveals digital strategy

The Metropolitan Police in London today launched its technology strategy for next three years. Interim CIO Richard Thwaite told CIO UK the Total Technology strategy document is both a response to recent criticism of the UK largest police force by the London Mayor's office and the blueprint for the much needed modernisation of the force.

Written by Mark Chillingworth08 Feb. 14 15:18

Financial Times CIO Christina Scott right on the money

From the hot metal press to desktop publishing and broadcasting via radio or television, the media has always been driven by technology. You could argue that technology created the media, enabling the dissemination of information with an ambition greater than any town crier could have mustered.

Written by Mark Chillingworth18 June 13 19:07

Paul Smith IT chief ahead of insourcing trend

Pre- and post-London Olympics the world has been covered in British design. Union Jacks, the original Alec Issigonis Minis and the Rolling Stones seem to appear on T-shirts, bags, posters and other accessories no matter where in the world you are. But this is no new Cool Britannia boom - British company Paul Smith has been championing home-grown design and has become a world leader in fashion, design and retail since its iconic founder formed his company in Nottingham in the late 1960s and opened his first shop in 1970.

Written by Mark Chillingworth25 April 13 22:00

A dose of tough medicine

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has had a difficult recent history and like many businesses it faces some tough challenges in the near future. Jon Kirby, CIO at the Anglo-Swedish organisation, is part of a new leadership team facing up to those challenges.
On 1 October 2012, Pascal Soriot took over as AstraZeneca chief executive, an appointment which market watchers hope will stabilise the company that lost its CEO in April 2012 and continue the transformation needed following the 28 per cent drop in second quarter profits reported in July 2012.

Written by Mark Chillingworth16 Jan. 13 22:00

Olympics CIO Gerry Pennell on creating a gold-standard team

CIO for the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Locog), Gerry Pennell's Commonwealth Games experience allowed him to get up to speed quickly, although the scale of the Olympics is much larger.

Written by Mark Chillingworth19 July 12 20:53

CEOs demand CIOs prepare for growth and mobility

CEOs have shifted their position and are releasing funds to CIOs that have innovations for mobile users and revenue generation ideas, finds the CIO Survey 2012 from Harvey Nash, the recruitment and outsource services provider.
The global survey found that 56 per cent of CIOs are launching projects that make money for their organisations rather than saving money as the CEO's priorities switch towards growth, emerging markets and new technologies. CIOs report they are seen as the key to unlocking potential growth that organisations have been starved off since the banking crisis led to an economic downturn.

Written by Mark Chillingworth16 May 12 22:00

CIOs thrive in adversity, Harvey Nash report reveals

British and European CIOs are upbeat and seizing the opportunities the worldwide recession is throwing at them, the latest <a href="">Harvey Nash IT Leadership Survey</a> reveals. The survey, produced in association with PA Consulting Group, polled 1345 CIOs from across Europe. CIOs are under extreme pressure to deliver more with decreasing budgets, but the 55-page report paints a picture of a CIO community that is leading by example and still finding ways to innovate.

Written by Mark Chillingworth16 May 09 00:19

The CIO's personal brand and board influence

Two-thirds of CIOs and IT executives believe that having a strong personal brand is &quot;very important&quot; to the IT department of their organisation, the latest research from CIO UK and Harvey Nash reveals.
But the survey, jointly carried out by CIO UK and global IT recruitment and professional services provider Harvey Nash, also reveals that although CIOs understand the importance of a personal brand, many are failing to develop their brand.

Written by Mark Chillingworth17 Jan. 09 22:00

Recession a time for CIOs to prove management skills

<a href="">Research carried out by Macehiter Ward-Dutton (MWD) and published Tuesday</a> reveals that CIOs are not expecting their budgets to be drastically cut by the current economic downturn, which, thankfully, we are now allowed to call a recession.

Written by Mark Chillingworth03 Dec. 08 06:25

Project management in the cloud

If you really want to know if a technology or business system works, don't ask anybody, ask a CIO. Your peers know all too well the pain of failure, but also the joy of success. Mykolas Rambus, CIO at publishing group Forbes is one CIO who is a keen advocate of Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Rambus and a growing number of CIOs are discovering that PPM ticks business boxes, technology boxes and financial boxes as a software as a service offering.
Forbes is a household name in the US and is increasingly becoming a global brand as it expands in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Rambus has been CIO at the media company for a year and a half now and like all CIOs he knows that the current economic climate places him under increased scrutiny. But at the same time, he is relaxed and confident, because he knows that the clients of the Forbes company, no matter the state of the economy, need to reach the customers that Forbes can deliver. &quot;Our advertisers are keen to reach influencers in the USA, C suite management, hedge fund managers and up and comers,&quot; he explains.

Written by Mark Chillingworth22 Oct. 08 22:00

Web 2.0 must be embraced for competitiveness

Organizations must embrace Web 2.0 technologies to remain competitive, but also be aware of potential threats and compliance issues. Alan Calder, chief executive of risk management consultants IT Governance has completed a report on the benefits and risks associated with Web 2.0 and told CIO they found serious issues at the board level.

Written by Mark Chillingworth25 July 08 13:20

A unified approach to legal sector growth

Strategic CIOs touch every point of the organization, even some areas that are not considered to be their immediate territory. Over the last decade law firms have changed from fusty redbrick elite clubs to thrusting commercial organizations that compete for business in a market where customers are now fully aware that they can shop around. For Graeme Low, head of IT at Cambridge based law firm Mills &amp; Reeve, his role involves enabling a company to continue its recent record of rapid growth, provide systems that entice staff to join the company and improve communications to customers. He tells CIO how he and his team have achieved this.
&quot;Clients are shopping around, and they are looking for value for money,&quot; Low says of the common business challenges that have now become part of the legal industry in the last 10 years. &quot;We have to work hard to keep fees competitive. IT really comes into its own, we are important for efficiency, quality and client service to help the firm retain clients and do work efficiently.&quot; Law firms have become more competitive against each other to meet their client's needs. Low said that society is becoming increasingly litigious there is an increasing market for the legal sector to capitalize on.

Written by Mark Chillingworth03 July 08 22:00

Britain's CBI calls for service sector innovation

The CBI has called for British businesses to launch innovative service offerings as the economy slows down. Launching its Excellence in service innovation report, the business organization said the service sector has an opportunity to come up with bold business models.

Written by Mark Chillingworth02 July 08 20:57