Stories by Jaikumar Vijayan

Guarding the grid

Deploying a grid infrastructure can help companies dramatically improve hardware utilization rates and boost computing power. But the massive resource aggregation and wider end-user access enabled by grids also have the potential to magnify security risks, implementers say.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan17 Jan. 05 12:08

E-business sites hit with attacks, extortion threats

A distributed denial-of-service attack that disrupted Web-based systems at credit card payment processing firm Authorize.Net earlier last week is indicative of a sharp increase in the number of cyberattacks being targeted at specific companies and driven by profit motives on the part of the hackers who launch them.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan27 Sept. 04 08:35

OLYMPICS - Tight IT security in place at Athens games

The Olympics are under way in Athens amid some of the tightest security in the history of the Games -- not just on the physical side, but on the IT side as well.
Fears of a cyberattack on the networks and systems that support the event have prompted the Olympic Games' technology integrator, Atos Origin SA in France, to implement a multilayered defense focused both on attack prevention and containment.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan15 Aug. 04 22:00

Air passenger screening system alarms privacy advocates

A coalition of privacy and civil rights organizations is asking Congress to stop the deployment of the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) recently announced airline passenger profiling system.
In a letter addressed to the chairman of the House Select Committee on Homeland Security last week, coalition members urged Congress to carefully assess the program's effectiveness and its privacy implications before allowing the TSA to move forward. Coalition members include the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and American Civil Liberties Union.

Written by Jaikumar Vijayan12 June 03 22:00