Stories by Stuart Lauchlan

Indecent proposal

It was a bit of a conversation stopper. The CIO of a large UK financial services operation leaned back in his chair and paused, clearly aware that what he was about to say was controversial.
"We spend all this time and money worrying about pornography in the workplace and the problem of spam, but there's a good case to argue that we could learn a hell of a lot from the porn industry," he declared.

Written by Stuart Lauchlan30 April 05 22:00

The standards dilemma

The clichéd comment on standards organisations is that old chestnut trotted out by unimaginative marketing directors from vendor companies: "The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from!" Of course, as with most clichés, there is more than an element of truth in that.
It is the most politically correct tick-box item on any procurement document. Is the technology standards-compliant? Even in an industry as bandwagon-driven as IT, the unseemly rush by vendors to clamber on board any form of standards-based organisation and thus flag up their standards-friendly nature, is evidence enough of the importance of being standards-supportive.

Written by Stuart Lauchlan31 March 05 22:00