Stories by Arpit Kaushik

Can Offshore Outsourcing Vendors Innovate?

I once heard someone say (actually that someone happened to be me!), "Offshore Outsourcing is dead!" But before you jump off your seat, let me clarify what I mean by dead. I mean dead not with reference to its importance, relevance or future; I mean dead with reference to its character-it is devoid of vibrancy, excitement, creation and innovation.

Written by Arpit Kaushik24 March 09 01:53

Putting a price on offshoring

Read any case study and you'll probably encounter overblown statistics that say offshore outsourcing reduced costs by 50 per cent, reduced number of defects in production by 25 per cent, reduced time to launch application by 40 per cent and so on.

Written by Arpit Kaushik28 Jan. 09 10:35