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iPhone Support by Enterprise IT Groups Grows

So what mobile device should CIOs support? BlackBerry? Windows Mobile? iPhone? A new study from Forrester Research suggests that CIOs will eventually support all of them.

Written by Tom Kaneshige31 July 09 03:55

Are you ready to ditch your laptop for a smartphone?

Have you ever wanted to ditch your clunky laptop? Perhaps you were meeting a client for dinner or friends at a bar after work. Or you were trying to catch a flight in the morning and had to fumble with your laptop at the airport security check.

Written by Tom Kaneshige19 June 09 07:14

What CIOs think of Snow Leopard and iPhone 3G S

Businesses had much to cheer about after Apple unveiled Snow Leopard and iPhone 3G S at its WWDC event last week. Apple, which traditionally prioritises business needs below consumer ones, hinted at a change of heart by announcing Exchange support and security features in its flagship products.
IT leaders in charge of supporting Apple products who we talked to this week were generally excited about the new Snow Leopard and iPhone 3G S. They sounded off about many features - not just Exchange support-and their plans to take advantage of the tweaks. Yet they also tempered their enthusiasm about some of the flashier features such as iPhone video clip creation.

Written by Tom Kaneshige14 June 09 22:00

Bumping into a cloud ceiling

Pascal-Louis Perez tapped cloud services when he became CTO of startup, a website that helps retail investors make better trades. Soon after, his cloud service provider, Xignite, which streams financial market data to, began delivering spotty service.

Written by Tom Kaneshige29 April 09 22:00

Is Apple Safari Safe?

When security researcher <a href="">Charlie Miller hacked the Mac</a> through the <a href="">Safari browser</a> in under 10 seconds last week, the question raised was deafening: Is Apple Safari secure? The answer, of course, is a bit more complicated.

Written by Tom Kaneshige25 March 09 04:16

IT managers face Mac-Windows challenges

Bringing OS X into a Windows environment isn't easy, as results from a survey released early this week show. The Enterprise Desktop Alliance surveyed more than 300 IT managers and found that a vast majority see room for improvement in the current management capabilities for Macs in the enterprise.

Written by Tom Kaneshige10 March 09 22:00

Three Nightmares When Managing Macs

Even as Apple readies new computers, companies continue to face daunting challenges supporting popular MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros.

Written by Tom Kaneshige09 March 09 09:00

IT learns to do less with less

Forget &quot;doing more with less&quot; -- that's the IT mantra of yesteryear. Now IT departments are making better use of their resources, and though they're not necessarily doing more things, they are going about their tasks differently, according to findings from a Gartner survey released today. &quot;They're working smarter, not harder,&quot; says analyst Mark McDonald.
Gartner surveyed more than 1500 CIOs through December 2008 to find out how they're rising to the financial challenges of 2009. The key finding is that IT budgets largely will remain flat, which makes sense; because the average IT budget is 4 per cent of sales, a 10 per cent cut in IT spending doesn't save very much, McDonald says. But if the IT budget is used to restructure the other 96 per cent of revenue, savings can be much higher.

Written by Tom Kaneshige15 Jan. 09 22:00

The tricky math of server virtualisation ROI

Server virtualisation is supposed to save buckets of cash, largely from server reduction. After all, consolidating some 20 physical servers to three host servers means less hardware, power and cooling, and management overhead.

Written by Tom Kaneshige22 Dec. 08 22:00

IT workers pushed to the limits

Tempers flared inside a San Francisco datacenter on Friday, June 20, igniting the greatest public spectacle pitting a lone tech worker against management, media, and the law. Tension between network admin Terry Childs and his managers had been simmering for years and reached a boiling point on one of the hottest days of the summer.

Written by Tom Kaneshige20 Aug. 08 02:16