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How CIOs can boost mobile app adoption

CIOs with an eye on mobility have probably spent a small fortune creating a private enterprise app store. They've spent countless hours tending to an environment where business managers plant seeds for app ideas and developers bring those ideas to fruition. Often, the number of mobile enterprise apps sprouts like weeds.

Written by Tom Kaneshige16 July 14 02:23

Want to Know What Millennials Want? Just Ask Them

Just about every Silicon Valley tech company wants to fill its ranks with smart millennials -- the future of the workforce. Wooing them hasn't been easy. Competition for their services is fierce. Giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter are throwing wads of cash at them.

Written by Tom Kaneshige11 July 14 01:57

Why One CIO Is Saying 'No' to BYOD

A growing backlash threatens to thwart the BYOD trend. The CIO of a large electrical contractor explains why his company will "never have a BYOD environment.'

Written by Tom Kaneshige25 June 14 04:05

BYOD Stipends May Soon Go Away (If IT Gets Its Way)

For employees, nothing gets more personal than money. So when companies began doling out payments to offset Bring Your Own Device wireless service bills, employees cheered.

Written by Tom Kaneshige24 June 14 07:08

What is going wrong with BYOD?

The Bring Your Own Device movement was supposed to make employees more productive while saving companies money. But a funny thing is happening on the way to mobile nirvana: Companies aren't doing it, according to a new study by CompTIA.

Written by Tom Kaneshige14 June 14 03:37

Why mobile strategies are stalling at many enterprises

CIOs know the value of having a mobile strategy. So why aren't companies doing it right? A study from Accenture sheds some light on why some companies aren't moving forward fast enough with their mobility initiatives.

Written by Tom Kaneshige12 June 14 09:47

In Pictures: Most popular mobile apps in 6 key industries

Some industries adopt technology more quickly than others, but even the most careful and slowest-moving industries have bought into the value of mobile apps. Here are the top 10 apps in each of six major industries.

Written by Tom Kaneshige06 June 14 08:42

In Pictures: Silicon Valley tech execs behaving badly

Move over Donald Sterling. The exploits of these misbehaving technology executives give the now-infamous billionaire L.A. Clippers owner a run for his money when it comes to moronic acts.

Written by Tom Kaneshige03 June 14 08:06

CIOs must adapt or risk being replaced

Michael Keithley has more than two decades of experience as a CIO. However, the IT veteran says he's seeing more change now than ever before.'s Tom Kaneshige sat down with Keithley to talk about the challenges he and his colleagues face, the need to speak the same language as the business side and the reality of what lies ahead for CIOs who refuse to change their approach.

Written by Tom Kaneshige13 May 14 03:04

CIO Discovers the 'Terrifying' Reality of Cloud Apps Running Wild

Rogue cloud services are ripping gaping holes in the security fabric of most companies, putting the CIO in a tough spot. But as the fallout from the Target attack shows, IT and business leaders will go down together if the breach hits the fan.

Written by Tom Kaneshige10 May 14 03:38

Why CIOs shouldn't block rogue Cloud apps

Enterprises have an average 461 Cloud apps running in their organisations (nine to 10 times IT's estimates), according to some reports. Line-of-business managers hesitate to bring in the CIO out of fear of being blocked. If CIOs can remove this fear, everyone, it turns out, benefits.

Written by Tom Kaneshige01 May 14 00:05

How 'Liquid Networks' Can Lead to the Next Great Idea

Technological innovation often comes when your hunch collides with someone else's hunch, says best-selling author Steven Johnson. Open collaborative spaces are vital to allowing those hunches to mature into breakthrough moments.

Written by Tom Kaneshige30 April 14 05:28