Stories by Tom Kaneshige

CIOs Face BYOD Hard Reality: Employees Don't Care

Firing a worker for not reporting a lost or stolen tablet or smartphone may seem extreme, but at some companies things have come to that. How can CIOs get workers to take BYOD policies seriously?

Written by Tom Kaneshige25 April 14 23:07

CIOs to Become In-House Brokers -- and That's a Good Thing

In their new role as brokers and consultants, CIOs will be in an even more powerful positions. According to a new survey, about two-thirds of C-level executives and business unit leaders expect the IT department to have more influence on technology decisions in the future.

Written by Tom Kaneshige16 April 14 02:36

Microsoft's Office for iPad shakes up mobile enterprise

It's hard to overstate the impact of the Microsoft Office for iPad. The arrival of the dominant productivity suite on the dominant tablet promises to change how iPads are viewed in the enterprise. Office for iPad may also crush competitive apps, shut out Cloud storage providers and limit MDM vendors.

Written by Tom Kaneshige15 April 14 05:43

CIOs Destined to Be Kings of Customer Data

Despite chatter about CIOs losing clout or eventually reporting to the CMO, a survey of 1,600 CIOs reveals that the IT executives are well-positioned for the future -- if they are willing to step outside of IT.

Written by Tom Kaneshige14 March 14 14:48

How Forensic Tools Unearth Deleted Text Messages

Unlike work email, most mobile text messages don't flow through the corporate network except for the rare exception when employees use a company-deployed texting app. This means text messages are a blind spot for IT -- that is, impossible to monitor. Even mobile device management software from vendors such as MobileIron can't see text messages.

Written by Tom Kaneshige12 March 14 20:48

Target CIO Resignation Puts Retail CIOs on Alert

As Beth Jacob's resignation from Target shows, retail CIOs are culpable for security breaches even though they might not have the resources in-house to protect the company.

Written by Tom Kaneshige05 March 14 21:09

CIOs Battle Worker Apathy Towards Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones

American workers don't get too worked up about lost or stolen mobile phones -- even if those phones contain company data. A large percentage think it's not their problem and don't change their security practices afterwards. Are CIOs partly to blame for not setting stricter and clearer mobile security policies?

Written by Tom Kaneshige05 March 14 16:56

CMOs Eye CEO Office, But Need CIOs to Get There

Thanks to social media, mobile marketing and data analytics, the CMO is now closer to sales revenue. CMOs are among the most important executives at a company -- and they know it and want to take the next step to the CEO's office. The good news for CIOs is that they can't do it without you.

Written by Tom Kaneshige28 Feb. 14 17:25

Analyzing Mobile Phone Choice by Age Is Risky Business

Are iPhones used primarily by more mature mobile users who crave ease of use? Are Android phones more popular among the young, techie and cost-conscious?'s Tom Kaneshige has discovered there are no simple answers.

Written by Tom Kaneshige26 Feb. 14 20:47

In Pictures: 15 photos that show the power of the iPhone's camera

The iPhone has changed the world of digital photography. Not only are more images than ever shared around the world, but photographers from amateurs to pros are using iPhones to capture the moment in creative new ways.

Written by Tom Kaneshige26 Feb. 14 08:19

The art of writing in the age of algorithms

A Web-based app promises to help you write like Hemingway. But does HemingwayApp, based on an algorithm that analyses your words using Hemingway's rules on writing, offer a useful service or does it just exploit the Hemingway name?

Written by Tom Kaneshige15 Feb. 14 16:00

Are Silicon Valley Techies Becoming 'The Man'?

In the good old days, technology types were viewed as likeable geeks, the underdogs everyone could root for. But these days, techies are seen as wealthy elite. How did they become the most despised group of the Valley?

Written by Tom Kaneshige12 Feb. 14 19:48

Secret video and audio recordings a legal minefield for employers

Thanks to smartphones and wearable technology such as Google Glass recording illegal or inappropriate conversations and behaviour in the office couldn't be easier. If your company has a BYOD policy this could spell disaster.

Written by Tom Kaneshige07 Feb. 14 11:30

Attack of the BYOD-Killing MDM Software

BYOD has been an enterprise hit because it allows employees the convenience of combining their work and personal lives on a single mobile device while offering companies a sense of security thanks to mobile device management software. However, a breed of monstrous new MDM software threatens to send users away screaming.

Written by Tom Kaneshige04 Feb. 14 19:31

4 mistakes to avoid when your business gets bashed online

When your company's products or services get attacked on a social network or a customer review site, don't go with your first instinct. Instead of lashing out or ignoring it completely, take a measured response and avoid these common mistakes.

Written by Tom Kaneshige05 Feb. 14 11:45