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Tech Gives Rise to the Digital Marketer

That sound you hear is the buzz around marketing using social media and mobile apps. Not only can marketers now reach a larger audience, data analytics measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns in quantifiable terms. But can marketing pros become technically literate without losing their creativity?

Written by Tom Kaneshige17 Oct. 13 19:21

In pictures: 10 dumbest things tech CEOs have said and done

As a rule, CEOs in the technology industry tend to be a pretty bright group. Their vision, passion and leadership have changed the world. But they also have moments that leave the rest of us wondering, "Are they really that dumb?"

Written by Tom Kaneshige02 Oct. 13 08:26

5 Millennials-in-the-Workplace Myths Busted

Forget what you think you know about Generation Y. A recent survey dispels many of the myths surrounding millennials and the digital culture. Turns out age may be nothing but a number.

Written by Tom Kaneshige01 Oct. 13 13:56

In Pictures: 15 iPhone apps millennials can't live without

Everyone wants to hire millennials for their fresh ideas, youthful energy and tech savvy. But how much do you really know about them? The apps they carry on their smartphones tell a lot and you can expect millennials to want these apps on their BYOD phones at work, too.

Written by Tom Kaneshige24 Sept. 13 09:15

IT pros and BYOD users see support much differently

A new report suggests IT might be delivering poor mobile support to BYOD employees even though IT pros think they're doing a good job. In other words, mobility is becoming a major point of contention in the rocky IT-business relationship - and tech leaders aren't even aware there's an issue.

Written by Tom Kaneshige11 Sept. 13 20:18

Have we reached gadget fatigue?

Smartphones are everywhere, and smartwatches are poised to follow. Techies are eying Google Glass. And we now wear our technology on our sleeve. Have we finally reached gadget overload?

Written by Tom Kaneshige05 Sept. 13 18:22

Mobile Management Spurs Power Shift in the Enterprise

Who owns mobility in the enterprise? It's not the CIO. The business side is seizing power for mobile application development and management, and software vendors are quickly adjusting to service this nontechnical target market.

Written by Tom Kaneshige29 Aug. 13 18:23

How the Snowden Effect Is Paralyzing CIOs

Whether you describe Edward Snowden as a hero or a criminal, theres no denying the impact that this self-described computer wizard is having on IT leaders. After all, if even the NSA can fall victim to a tech-savvy millennial, how can they defend their data?

Written by Tom Kaneshige21 Aug. 13 17:31

Is Silicon Valley's Youth Movement Really Just Age Discrimination?

Cisco is the latest Silicon Valley company to make it clear that it wants a younger, more tech-savvy workforce. But what looks like a youth movement to some industry observers and tech executives is age discrimination to others.

Written by Tom Kaneshige19 Aug. 13 19:14

A visual guide to identifying the hidden costs of BYOD

When it comes to mobile devices, hidden costs are everywhere. There's a good chance your company is paying for something it shouldn't be, and this infographic will help you spot the unintended financial consequences of employee mobility.

Written by Tom Kaneshige08 Aug. 13 21:36

In pictures: 12 BYOD disaster scenarios

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) bandwagon, but it's a bumpy ride. There are many ways to fall off and get a bloody nose (or worse). As the BYOD reality catches up to the hype, here are 12 very real disaster scenarios.

Written by Tom Kaneshige06 Aug. 13 08:49

CIOs need to push BYOD policies to lure millennials

In less than two years, millennials will make up the largest segment of the workforce. If you hope to attract GenY technology professionals, your IT strategy better include a bring-your-own-device plan that plays to the strengths of this tech-dependent generation.

Written by Tom Kaneshige05 Aug. 13 21:43

How to smooth IT-business friction

Infographic: Why can't IT pros and business pros get along? Maybe there is inherent tension between the two groups, but there are ways tech and end-users can work together. BMC Software looks at the prevailing sentiment and offers suggestions to improve communications.

Written by Tom Kaneshige01 Aug. 13 20:51

CIOs say mobilising enterprise apps is not that easy

Employees want their go-to business apps available on their mobile devices. IT wants to deliver enterprise apps to help mobile workers become more productive. So what's keeping CIOs from bringing those critical apps to iPhones and Android phones?

Written by Tom Kaneshige31 July 13 19:32

Are businesses rushing to BYOD too quickly?

A survey of IT executives and IT pros paints a disturbing picture of BYOD. That picture includes a lack of confidence in compliance with federally mandated regulations, a fear that sensitive data is at risk and uncertainty about the overall effectiveness of BYOD.

Written by Tom Kaneshige30 July 13 18:20