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The mobile enterprise: Killing IT's sacred cows

It's shortly before 6 a.m. on a Saturday in Las Vegas. High-rollers and party-goers are sleeping off last night's thrill ride. Bright neon lights grow dim in the cold morning light. But an excited crowd is stirring at The Cosmopolitan.

Written by Tom Kaneshige20 Jan. 12 06:51

Enterprise iPad app: A deal closer?

Shortly after energy giant Eaton Corporation came out with an iPad app that threatened to change the way hydraulics equipment was being sold, a veteran salesperson tried to stump the app with questions gleaned from years of experience in the field. He couldn't do it.

Written by Tom Kaneshige21 Dec. 11 05:40

Is 2012 the year Android invades the enterprise?

For CIOs, the year 2012 will be one of huge opportunity and incredible risk as Android phones and tablets drive deeper into the enterprise, mobile device experts say. CIOs will be in a bit of a bind with employees pressuring IT to support new-fangled consumer devices that may not be enterprise-ready.

Written by Tom Kaneshige23 Nov. 11 05:13

CIO iPhone app review: SecureSafe

Somewhere on your iPhone is a list of your passwords. They might be stored in a Word doc in Quickoffice or on a page in Notes. Maybe you think you're clever by putting them under a pseudonym in your Contacts list.

Written by Tom Kaneshige15 Nov. 11 22:00

Lesson From Steve Jobs: The Power of Inspiration

"In the last year of his life, he studies a book of paintings by Mark Rothko, an artist he hadn't known about before, thinking of what could inspire people on the walls of a future Apple campus." -Mona Simpson, <a href="">A Sister's Eulogy for Steve Jobs</a>

Written by Tom Kaneshige02 Nov. 11 09:05

Forrester to CIOs: End the Mac prohibition

Forrester analyst David Johnson likes to compare Macs in the enterprise with the heady days of the Prohibition Act of 1920, the great thirst, stealthy bootlegging, and the rise of the speakeasy bar.

Written by Tom Kaneshige28 Oct. 11 07:45

Changing the culture of US Federal IT

In his first public appearance as CIO of the US federal government, Steven VanRoekel talked about his strategy for tackling the biggest IT bureaucracy in the country.

Written by Tom Kaneshige26 Oct. 11 22:00

Inside the iPhone 4S: Is It a Work of Art?

"When you're a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you're not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You'll know it's there, so you're going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through." -Steve Jobs The geeks at <a href="">iFixit</a>, a Web site that provides free repair manuals and advice forums, are usually one of the first to tear apart a new gadget. It didn't take them long to take apart the iPhone 4S and peek at the internal design that few people ever see.

Written by Tom Kaneshige20 Oct. 11 05:27

5 things CEOs will love about the iPhone 4S

The iconic Apple iPhone got an internal makeover but not much else this week--no radical redesign, no iPhone 5 name change. Fashion-conscious consumers weren't very happy, but iPhone-toting CEOs should be pleased with the iPhone 4S. They might even cheer Apple for leaving out a flashy upgrade.

Written by Tom Kaneshige06 Oct. 11 08:46

iPad Data LP: Security Saviour or strong-arm tactic

It's a late night, and you've fired up Facebook on your company-owned iPad to post some bad news. &quot;A reduction in workforce is going to happen this week,&quot; you type into your update status field and tap the post button.

Written by Tom Kaneshige03 Oct. 11 22:00

The story of business intelligence on the iPad

Business is full of dramatic narratives, from CEOs with unique personalities to soaring sales and market crashes to cutthroat competition. Inside a company's massive storehouse of business data, you'll often find nuggets that foreshadow what's coming-that is, if you look hard enough and can make sense of it all.

Written by Tom Kaneshige21 Sept. 11 22:00