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Aggregating air: Toward optimizing wireless

While we are barely into the second quarter of the year, it is already reasonable to label 2003 the year of enterprise wireless. Aruba Wireless Networks Inc., Trapeze Networks Inc. - and now Engim Inc. - are taking a distinctly enterprise look at harnessing wildly popular wireless. For its part, Engim is focusing on the most constrained resource: the thin air itself.
A chipmaker coming out of stealth mode, the company says it has solved a lot of problems associated with delivering enterprise-class performance - or "wired experience" for corporate wireless LAN (WLAN) users. Ironically, the company has solved problems that, I'd bet, most enterprise network managers aren't aware they even have. Of course, that is part of the problem too.

Written by Kevin Tolly12 May 03 22:00