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8 MySQL gotchas worth a rant

MySQL is easy to install, relatively fast, and loaded with features. If that's not enough, it's also one of the most prominent flagships of the open source movement, the big success story that showed us that a winning company could be built around open source code.

Written by Peter Wayner23 July 15 02:31

7 reasons why frameworks are the new programming languages

In the 1980s, the easiest way to start a nerd fight was to proclaim that your favorite programming language was best. C, Pascal, Lisp, Fortran? Programmers spent hours explaining exactly why their particular way of crafting an if-then-else clause was superior to your way.

Written by Peter Wayner31 March 15 04:27

10 battles raging for the hearts and minds of developers

Whether you think it's wired into the human mind or an inevitable product of society's formation, dualism defines much of our lives: Communism vs. capitalism. Savory vs. sweet. Passing the ball vs. running the ball in football. Everywhere we look, pairs are locked in an eternal battle, presenting us with myriad opportunities to define ourselves by which side of the line we favor at any given time.

Written by Peter Wayner07 Oct. 14 01:43

15 technologies changing how developers work

A long time ago, developers wrote assembly code that ran fast and light. On good days, they had enough money in their budget to hire someone to toggle all those switches on the front of the machine to input their code. On bad days, they flipped the switches themselves. Life was simple: The software loaded data from memory, did some arithmetic, and sent it back. That was all.

Written by Peter Wayner11 Aug. 14 23:51

12 predictions for the future of programming

If hitting a target is hard and hitting a moving target is even harder, then creating a new hit technology is next to impossible because the shape and nature of the target morphs as it moves. Think of building a swish new laptop just as laptops are heading out of favor, or a must-have mobile app just as smartphones plateau, or a dynamite tablet experience just as the wearable future takes hold.

Written by Peter Wayner03 Feb. 14 14:52

10 reasons the browser is becoming the universal OS

A bazillion years ago in Internet time (aka 1995), Brendan Eich, Marc Andreessen, and the rest of Netscape looked at the World Wide Web and saw a sparsely tagged world of static documents -- a computational desert where a programmer's seed could find no purchase.

Written by Peter Wayner18 Nov. 13 16:13

Security is still a mystery and other hard truths about cloud computing

For the past few months, I've been [poking around the various commercial clouds, buying new machines, trying software, and running benchmarks. Well, not exactly buying machines -- just renting them for a few hours and plunking down a few pennies on the barrelhead.
Along the way, I noticed it wasn't working out the way I expected. The machines aren't as interchangeable or as cheap as they seem. Moving to the cloud isn't as simple or as carefree as it's made to be. In other words, the machines weren't living up to their hype. Anyone who's been chugging the Kool-Aid and dreaming that the word "cloud" is a synonym for "perfection" or "pain-free" is going to be sorely disappointed.

Written by Peter Wayner24 March 13 23:00