Stories by Taylor Armerding

How to write a CISO job description

The chief information security officer has a big, mission critical job. Make sure you spell out the CISO's duties and expectations for the role.

Written by Taylor Armerding25 July 17 19:00

Caught in the breach – what to do first

Since there is no way to prevent every cyber attack, incident response is crucial. Experts at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium talk about what to do immediately after the bad news hits.

Written by Taylor Armerding26 May 17 05:11

Vocal theft on the horizon

Voice imitation technology has the potential to undermine yet another form of biometric authentication. Security experts say the key is to make sure the individual voice information is stored on the user’s device, not in a centralized database.

Written by Taylor Armerding16 May 17 20:22

Present and future ransomware tactics model the past

The way to understand, and avoid, becoming a victim of ransomware is to be prepared, said LEO Cyber Security CTO Andrew Hay. And part of that preparation is to understand its historical roots.

Written by Taylor Armerding27 April 17 21:55

IP theft: Declining, or just more stealthy?

China and the US agreed 18 months ago to stop “knowingly” tolerating economic espionage. According to some studies, the agreement is working. Others aren’t so sure, however.

Written by Taylor Armerding30 March 17 21:27

Want good cyber insurance? Read the fine print

Given the explosive growth of online threats, cyber insurance is becoming mandatory for most organizations. But the field is still new enough that buying an effective policy takes a lot of due diligence and attention to the fine print.

Written by Taylor Armerding16 March 17 21:58

Bots may be trumping online polls

Poll results are supposed to be driven by opinions, but marketers, politicians and others know opinions can be driven by polls. Hence the rising use of bots to skew perceptions in favor of a product, a celebrity or, at this time of year, a candidate.

Written by Taylor Armerding24 Oct. 16 21:27

Information sharing still a heavy lift

Most security experts agree that sharing cyber threat information can help detect and contain it more effectively. But too many in the private sector still feel that sharing with government intelligence agencies feels more like surveillance

Written by Taylor Armerding07 Oct. 16 02:07

Regular password changes make things worse

Changing passwords is supposed to make things more difficult for attackers. Unfortunately, research shows that human nature means it makes it easier.

Written by Taylor Armerding02 Sept. 16 04:16

A push for the less-hackable car

Automotive cybersecurity finally looks like it is on the front burner. But a host of improvements need to be made before the connected car is even relatively safe from hacks.

Written by Taylor Armerding23 Aug. 16 04:15

Killing the password: FIDO says long journey will be worth it

The FIDO Alliance, formed just four years ago to find a better way than passwords for online authentication, is promoting a standard that keeps user credentials only on the user device. An attacker would have to steal your device to hack your account, they say.

Written by Taylor Armerding13 July 16 03:15

‘Vendor overload’ adds to CISO burnout

Security tools are crucial in protecting organizations from online threats. But the glut of tools on the market can lead to information overload for CISOs trying to evaluate them all.

Written by Taylor Armerding02 June 16 20:34

10 ways law firms can make life difficult for hackers

Everybody is a target of cybercrime, but some are more attractive than others. Law firms rank pretty high on the list because of the sensitivity of the information they handle, and their sometimes very rich and powerful clientele.

Written by Taylor Armerding19 May 16 01:05

Is a truce possible in the ad-blocking war?

Online advertisers and ad-blocking software makers don’t have much nice to say about one another. But amid the antagonistic rhetoric, both sides agree there is room for compromise – by making the user experience a priority.

Written by Taylor Armerding03 May 16 01:22

Uber fraud: Scammer takes the ride, victim gets the bill

Some users of the ride-hailing service Uber have found themselves being charged for “ghost” rides they never ordered, since their credentials were stolen and sold on the Dark Web. Experts say better security practices by the company is helping, but users have to step up their security game as well.

Written by Taylor Armerding22 April 16 21:53