Stories by Elana Varon

The new lords of e-biz

Corporate e-business teams with their own I.T. budgets have all but evaporated, but the CIO's responsibility for developing online sales and supplier channels is still evolving. What you do now to define yourself as an e-business tactician, strategist and gatekeeper will determine your role as a decision-maker for future e-commerce investments.
Despite the antihype, e-commerce isn't dead. "There's a real excitement vacuum, but there's not a spending or an interest vacuum," says Whit Andrews, a research director with Gartner Inc. in Stamford, Conn. And responsibility for e-commerce spending and strategy falls increasingly to CIOs. According to a survey by Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc. published in August, three times more companies are now making technology decisions centrally than they were in 2001.

Written by Elana Varon30 March 03 22:00

Implementation Is Not for the Meek

Corporate executives have a hard time executing their business strategies because they just aren't tough enough, says strategic planning expert C Davis Fogg. A US-based consultant to blue-chip companies and the author of <i>Implementing Your Strategic Plan</i> (Amacom, 1999), Fogg says strategic plans flop because executives don't follow through. They fail to lead. They fail to hold their employees - or themselves - accountable for results.

Written by Elana Varon09 Dec. 02 11:48

To bill or not to bill (online)

For most companies today, B2B transactions start and end with the purchase order -- with billing and payment still largely done the old-fashioned way, on paper.

Written by Elana Varon06 Nov. 02 22:00

Raising the Bar

The 2001 Enterprise Value Awards were tough to judge and even tougher to win.

Written by Elana Varon09 Feb. 01 11:37