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Interview: Red Hat CTO peers into future

Brian Stevens, formerly Red Hat's vice president of operating system, storage and clustering development, has been named the Linux company's CTO and is leading its newly formed Emerging Technologies Group. He spoke recently with Network World Senior Editor Jennifer Mears about where Red Hat is heading. What follows is an edited transcript of their discussion. A fuller version is online, at, DocFinder: 9533.
The CTO spot had been vacant for several years. Why fill it now?

Written by Jennifer Mears30 Oct. 05 22:00

Unix not standing pat in data centers

Alpine Electronics, probably best known for its booming car stereos, got a bang of its own when it moved its ERP environment to IBM pSeries Unix servers that enable the electronics manufacturer to dynamically allocate workloads and get more out of its systems.
Vasile Giulea, IS manager at the firm in Torrance, Calif., says he's cut costs by about 20 percent by consolidating onto the Unix servers. It's a project that started in 2003 when the company decided to move from HP-UX boxes running Oracle applications to the pSeries servers running applications from SAP.

Written by Jennifer Mears27 April 05 22:00

Study: Outsourcing losing its luster

While organizations turned to outsourcing during tough economic times to cut costs and boost efficiencies, a study by Deloitte Consulting has found that few organizations have realized the benefits they expected and some are bringing outsourced projects back in-house.

Written by Jennifer Mears21 April 05 23:52

HP debuts first Opteron-based blade

Hewlett-Packard Co. Monday is set to debut Opteron-based blade servers, the first of the major server vendors to roll out a blade based on Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s 32-/64-bit chip.

Written by Jennifer Mears14 Feb. 05 17:24

Blade vendors sharpen focus on management

As companies in growing numbers consider blade servers to handle critical business workloads, they are looking beyond the power and space savings they can get and are demanding more when it comes to the tools to manage these compact systems.

Written by Jennifer Mears03 Feb. 05 11:01

Sun lets Solaris loose

Sun Microsystems Inc. Tuesday made good on its promise to open source its Solaris operating system, releasing code for a diagnostic piece of the software and promising to have full, "buildable" code available in the next few months.

Written by Jennifer Mears26 Jan. 05 14:44

Is security ripe for outsourcing?

Security demands for online applications such as e-commerce and Web services are prompting more corporate customers to hand off security functions - such as intrusion detection and firewalls - to outside service providers.
Users are finding that third-party security service providers can also help augment an internal security strategy by preparing reports required by many new government regulations.

Written by Jennifer Mears22 Aug. 04 22:00

The promise of offshoring

It's a hot-button issue to be sure, but business customers using offshore services say the decision to move jobs overseas stems from some real pragmatic concerns. Take VF Corp., one of the world's largest apparel companies whose brands include Lee jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and The North Face. The company, with some 550 IT staff domestically, has been increasing its use of offshore resources the past few years and says cost cutting wasn't the only driver.
"In general, we were having trouble finding resources and keeping them in (certain) technologies at the level we wanted," says Eric Anthony, vice president of IT services at the firm in Raleigh, N.C. "In India, they were pumping these guys out left and right ... . Look at the deal here: We've got very highly paid SAP programmers that we could hire in the U.S. -- and they're hard to find. Or we could go to India and find very talented SAP programmers immediately at 35 percent to 40 percent lower cost."

Written by Jennifer Mears30 June 04 22:00

HP expands Intel-based server options

FRAMINGHAM (11/03/2003) - Continuing its progression toward an Intel-only server portfolio, Hewlett-Packard Co. Monday is expected to round out its Itanium-based server line and unveil a two-processor Xeon-based box designed to be a low-cost node in high-performance computing clusters.

Written by Jennifer Mears03 Nov. 03 23:07

WORLDBEAT - Post-boom, gov't makes good e-commerce partner

You walk into Govolution's glassy, shiny offices in northwest Washington, D.C., and at first glance, it feels like you've stepped back into the dot-com bubble of 1999.
There's the hardwood floors, the spacious meeting rooms, the crowded cube farms and the retro art in the halls, but the comparisons to a dot-com circa '99 pretty much end there.

Written by Jennifer Mears15 June 03 22:00

Feature: Content delivery nets branch out, a business-to-business trading exchange and catalog site for mobile phones and accessories, was looking to expand its online presence. The company, owned by Global Business Link AB in Gothenburg, Sweden, wanted to outsource its e-commerce efforts, everything from software downloads and security to transaction processing and hosting.
It finally settled on a provider that might come as a surprise to some network executives: content delivery network (CDN) specialist Mirror Image Internet Inc.

Written by Jennifer Mears15 June 03 22:00

Knowledge management: Portal software services are growing up fast

Perficient Inc., a consulting firm in Austin, Texas, has seen great returns since it implemented its WebSphere portal about a year ago, taking advantage of collaboration capabilities to reduce travel expenses and streamline projects. Going forward, though, the company expects more than collaboration and access to content and applications from its portal.
"The portal is becoming a key part of the corporate infrastructure," says Andy Sweet, CTO at Perficient. "It's a mission-critical application."

Written by Jennifer Mears04 May 03 22:00

Dell's next step: Selling printers

Having already diversified into the storage and switch markets, Dell Computer Corp. is taking its direct sales approach in yet another new direction: printers.
This week the company unveiled four Dell-branded printers, all made by Lexmark International Inc., for consumer and workgroup use. The company also launched a program for users to buy ink and toner cartridges from the Dell Web site.

Written by Jennifer Mears01 April 03 22:00

ITAA report lauds ASPs

A report released this week by the Information Technology Association of America shows that US businesses using application service providers are reaping real benefits and plan to continue using ASPs going forward.

Written by Jennifer Mears20 March 03 08:24