Stories by Tommy Peterson

Coping with infoglut

The Internet has buried companies under a mudslide of unstructured data. One of the most pressing problems facing IT is how to turn all that data that won't fit into rows and columns into useful information. And while the amount of unstructured data is growing exponentially, the tools for dealing with it haven't kept pace.
The magnitude of the deluge is staggering. Approximately 85 percent of all digital business information exists only as unstructured data, according to research by Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. Most of that comes from the increasing use of the Web as an internal and external business channel.

Written by Tommy Peterson20 Oct. 03 21:00

Interview: Nothing but 'Net

Carol Ptak is in the thick of PeopleSoft's efforts to transform itself from, as she puts it, "that HR company that, oh, by the way, does some supply chain" to a major player in ERP and analytics software. Ptak learned manufacturing from the ground up, starting out as an assembler on a plant floor.

Written by Tommy Peterson23 April 03 11:16

Interview: Making the connection

Chief Technology Officer Deepak Taneja is in charge of technology strategy and initiatives at Waltham, Mass.-based Netegrity Inc., a leader in the burgeoning identity and access management market. He recently spoke with Tommy Peterson about how the Web has changed the notions of identity and access control in corporate computing, as well as the definition of an application. Taneja also described how Netegrity's technical focus is shifting to match those transformations.

Written by Tommy Peterson02 April 03 10:02