Stories by Sandra Gittlen

Is hybrid cloud certification right for you?

After years of shifting applications to the public cloud, enterprises realise it’s not the right fit for every app and are pulling some back to private clouds.

Written by Sandra Gittlen03 Oct. 19 22:13

For CFOs with IT Duties: A Checklist

The CFO of 2012 will bear little resemblance to one of earlier years. Your burdens are heavier, your purview wider, and the power you wield mightier. Yet how many of you are truly prepared to step into this glaring spotlight?

Written by Sandra Gittlen11 Jan. 12 10:24

Apple's Business Breakthroughs

My personal observations suggest why Apple is making inroads at companies, and why that's likely to continue.

Written by Sandra Gittlen16 Aug. 11 18:47

Ready, Set, Open Your Wallets for IT

IT spending on hardware and software is on the rise, according to <a href="">a study being released today by the Maven Wave Partners consultancy</a>. And firm partner Brian Farrar says CFOs should take this as a good sign, and loosen up the IT purse strings.

Written by Sandra Gittlen16 June 11 10:33

Should the CFO Take IT's Reins?

As someone who is out in the field with corporate technology, talking with tech teams across a variety of industries, I've observed the deference that IT is starting to show to finance. With technology investments so tightly linked to a company's success, it only makes sense that the CFO would have a hand in developing IT's roadmap.

Written by Sandra Gittlen11 June 11 09:18

Disaster Recovery Is Everyone's Job

I was discussing my article on the Amazon EC2 Cloud failure, and a related blog (as well as reaction from the Twittersphere) with my editor, and the issue came up of cloud-related disaster recovery falling under the responsibility of IT. Having covered IT for 15 years, I heartily disagreed.

Written by Sandra Gittlen12 May 11 10:42

Finance's Role In Controlling Use Of SaaS

When it comes to the decision whether to subscribe to a software-as-a-service (Saas) approach for certain IT functions, finance is where the buck should stop. Having data exist outside the organization can pose challenges to compliance, governance, and business intelligence -- all areas where the CFO rules.

Written by Sandra Gittlen05 April 11 09:42

Japan's Troubles Hit Home in IT Planning

Even as my thoughts are with the people of Japan as they continue to battle repercussions from the earthquake, tsunami, aftershocks and nuclear reactor problems, it's hard not to be struck by the disruptive implications all around the globe. And more certainly lie ahead.

Written by Sandra Gittlen17 March 11 09:47

Fusing finance and tech: Learning the language of IT

In college, my French professor often said, the only way you're going to truly learn this language is if you go and live in a French-speaking country. The same may seem to apply to communication between finance and IT.

Written by Sandra Gittlen12 March 11 22:00

Feature: The life and times of an RFID chip

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is launching a US$125 million program to embed RFID chips in baggage tags as a way to meet post-Sept. 11 security screening mandates and to improve the accuracy of baggage handling at the airport.
McCarran, which handles more than 68,000 pieces of luggage daily, is committed to buying 100 million RFID tags over the next five years, according to Samuel Ingalls, assistant director of Aviation, Information Systems at McCarran.

Written by Sandra Gittlen20 July 05 22:00