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Product Guide: Rival solutions smack down spam

Spam is such a significant problem these days that even the US federal government has gotten involved, passing legislation such as the CAN-SPAM Act. Meanwhile, a wide variety of companies has collaborated on an authentication scheme called the Sender ID Framework, aimed at making e-mail fraud even harder to perpetrate. Realistically, though, neither CAN-SPAM nor e-mail-sender authentication is likely to do much to stem the flood of mail. Fortunately, anti-spam products continue to evolve and improve.
In my ongoing tests of anti-spam products, I recently looked at four more contenders: Brightmail Anti-Spam 6.0 from Symantec Corp.; IMSS (InterScan Messaging Security Suite) Version 2.8 from Trend Micro Inc.; MailFrontier Enterprise Gateway 3.1 from MailFrontier Inc.; and PureMessage 4.6 from Sophos PLC. They all performed admirably, filtering more than 90 percent of spam, with few false positives.

Written by Logan G. Harbaugh26 Sept. 04 22:00