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IBM's Wladawsky-Berger sees open source future

Open source software needs to be more widely used if the next wave of technology is to fully take off, IBM's Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, said Monday.

Written by Gillian Law10 March 04 08:12

Windows Server 2003 in UK

Microsoft has launched Windows Server 2003 in London, along with Visual Studio .Net 2003, and a 64-bit SQL Server Enterprise Edition.
Customers want to increase their productivity using dependable, connected, cost-effective software and that's what Windows Server 2003 aims to provide, U.K. Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Nick Barley said. It allows companies to run their server infrastructure 30 percent more efficiently than Windows NT 4.0, he said.

Written by Gillian Law15 June 03 22:00

E-learning: HP wins $100 million Ireland e-learning contract

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) is to provide and manage the infrastructure for an electronic learning project for the Northern Ireland's Department of Education, in a US$100 million deal.
The Classroom 2000 project (C2K) will give e-mail addresses to 350,000 children and teachers in Northern Ireland's 1,200 schools, and access to digital resources including virtual classrooms and online libraries of curriculum content, HP said.

Written by Gillian Law04 May 03 22:00