Stories by Ken Mingis

The Takeaway: Tech bubble redux?

The last time a tech bubble burst, markets fell, start-ups failed, IT unemployment shot up and undergraduate enrollments in computer science fell off a cliff.

Written by Ken Mingis28 July 15 05:04

The Takeaway: The devil in the details of the Windows 10 license

Just like the changes coming to Windows 10, the license agreement for Microsoft's new OS includes new clauses that spell out everything from how automatic updates are handled to the bundling of Office apps and what happens to pirated copies when a user tries to upgrade.

Written by Ken Mingis21 July 15 03:25

The Takeaway: The Windows 10 update cadence explained

With the launch of Windows 10 at the end of this month, Microsoft will also roll out an entirely new way of updating and upgrading the operating system -- and a staggered schedule almost certain to lead to confusion, at least at first.

Written by Ken Mingis17 July 15 04:37

The Takeaway: Mobile payments gain momentum

The push for mobile payments in the U.S. continues to build steam as banks shift to more secure chip-embedded credit and debit cards for consumers -- and merchants embrace payment terminals that can accept the new cards.

Written by Ken Mingis16 July 15 03:24

The Takeaway: For Windows phones, it's all over but the shouting

While Microsoft is still making smartphones for its Windows 10 Mobile OS, the company has more or less given up on the mobile course set by former CEO Steve Ballmer and will likely be forced to discard the strategy entirely.

Written by Ken Mingis14 July 15 02:23

The Takeaway: Are IT shops getting a bad rap?

It's no surprise that IT departments have something of a reputation as naysayers when corporate users come calling with tech requests.

Written by Ken Mingis10 July 15 02:51

The Takeaway: Microsoft preps RTM milestone of Windows 10

Windows fans, take note: Microsoft is about to hit an important milestone in the run-up to the release of Windows 10 at the end of the month: Numerous reports have pegged this Thursday as the day the company will wrap work on Windows 10 and declare the OS is ready for "release to manufacturing" (RTM).

Written by Ken Mingis07 July 15 07:02

Apple and IBM team up on big enterprise push

Apple and IBM today unveiled an "exclusive partnership" that melds IBM's big data and analytics capabilities with Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Written by Ken Mingis16 July 14 07:11