Stories by Stacy Cowley and Joris Evers

Sun, Microsoft highlight collaboration work

More than a year after they buried the hatchet and announced a collaboration agreement, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems spoke at an event Friday about their work together, including steps toward addressing what Sun called customers' top request: single sign-on between Microsoft's Windows Server and Sun's Solaris operating system and Java Enterprise System.

Written by Stacy Cowley and Joris Evers16 May 05 08:10

Judge rules for Oracle in PeopleSoft case

The judge presiding over the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) attempt to block Oracle's proposed takeover of rival software maker PeopleSoft ruled in Oracle's favour on Thursday, removing one obstacle preventing the hostile acquisition.

Written by Stacy Cowley and Joris Evers10 Sept. 04 09:16