Stories by Joel Mathis

In Pictures: Eight is enough?

A number of this week's new and updated apps take advantage of new functionality in iOS 8. Plus, now you can make "Star Wars" movies on your iPhone. Cool, huh?

Written by Joel Mathis22 Sept. 14 12:19

iPads in schools: The right way to do it

This was supposed to be the year of the iPad's crowning triumph in education--its adoption by and distribution throughout the nation's second-largest school district, Los Angeles. Events haven't quite turned out as planned.

Written by Joel Mathis22 Nov. 13 14:15

In Pictures: iOS accessories - Bluetooth galore

This roundup of iOS accessories is chock full of Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker systems. We've even got one that you can take in the shower with you.

Written by Joel Mathis17 July 13 08:23

Steve Jobs: 'Brilliant, prickly, eccentric'

Steve Jobs was a brilliant-but-belligerent eccentric who transformed seven different industries, his biographer said in an interview that aired Sunday night on 60 Minutes.

Written by Joel Mathis23 Oct. 11 22:00