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The new energy diet

Sal Azzaro, director of facilities for Time Warner Cable, is trying to cram additional power into prime real estate at the company's 22 facilities in New York.
"Its gone wild," says Azzaro "Where we had 20-amp circuits before, we now have 60-amp circuits." And, he says, "there is a much greater need now for a higher level of redundancy and a higher level of fail-safe than ever before."

Written by Drew Robb23 Aug. 07 22:00

Erecting barriers

There are two approaches to fighting viruses: prevention or cure. With networks, you can use an intrusion-detection system (IDS) to tell you when there is a problem or an intrusion-prevention system (IPS) to block it in the first place.
The Weather Channel Interactive Inc. in Atlanta, for example, picked up suspicious activity via an IDS. For several days in a row, it detected a high amount of traffic coming in for a specific server port from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. "My concern was that if it was a probing attack and they were doing it off shift, I had to watch out for when they did a real attack during prime shift," says Dan Agronow, vice president of technology.

Written by Drew Robb18 March 05 22:00

Coming your way: 3-D display mode

Computer vendors are always introducing faster processors, bigger disk drives and more memory, but monitors have been fairly stable. LCDs are slowly replacing CRT displays on the desktop, but both technologies are actually decades old. Now two new display technologies promise better image quality for some applications, although neither will replace current desktop displays anytime soon.

Written by Drew Robb11 Jan. 04 22:00