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Cloud computing not seen as IT answer to downturn

New research suggests that, contrary to the view held by some pundits, the economic malaise will not prompt IT buyers to flee to their nearest computing cloud.

Written by Martin Veitch15 March 09 23:00

Autonomy boss Mike Lynch defends Interwoven buy

Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch has conducted a robust defence of his firm's agreement to acquire Interwoven in an exclusive interview with CIO UK.
Speaking on the same day that Autonomy announced the US$775 million deal, Lynch said the move should be seen as more of an extension of the firm's shift towards serving the governance, risk and compliance market rather than an embrace of traditional enterprise content management (ECM).

Written by Martin Veitch26 Jan. 09 22:00

The top five predictions that won't pan out for 2009

At this time of year, journalists love to compose lists to fill demand for content that can be rolled out at some point in the media dog days over the festive period, even if the writers themselves have disappeared off on holiday. Nothing wrong with that, so here is ours, but in the form of an antidote, suggesting some things that won't happen next year.
5. Broad deployment of business intelligence tools. Lots of people think that BI tools will be deployed on more desktops so end-users can better understand trends -- and, naturally, BI vendors are keen to expand from their executive customer base. But BI is advanced software for advanced people and giving full-scale analysis tools to the troops is a bit like providing a Howitzer to get rid of a mouse -- silly and really quite dangerous too. Making the tools cheap and more usable is just marketing department window dressing.

Written by Martin Veitch20 Dec. 08 22:00

The mystery of tech rage

<a href=";adxnnl=1&amp;partner=permalink&amp;exprod=permalink&amp;pagewanted=all&amp;adxnnlx=1228474938-xR9a71COhmTik5MbgO1vYw">David Pogue has an interesting piece in The New York Times</a> about readers' reactions to his negative review of RIM's BlackBerry Storm. Pogue gave the smartphone a drubbing and copped the righteous flak of CrackBerry addicts everywhere as a result.

Written by Martin Veitch06 Dec. 08 09:42

Making Storage Easier for Non-IT Execs to Understand

With increasing amounts of incoming data threatening to overwhelm firms, Hitachi Data Systems CTO Hu Yoshida wants to make the economics of storage easier for non-IT executives to understand.

Written by Martin Veitch01 Dec. 08 14:15 flying high despite stormy economy

The weather might be arctic and the recession biting but has a warm glow about it after the <a href=";p=irol-newsArticle&amp;t=Regular&amp;id=1228924&amp;">software-as-a-service pioneer said revenues were up 43 per cent</a> year on year for its third quarter.

Written by Martin Veitch22 Nov. 08 06:07

Desperate Yahoo screams SOS to Microsoft

The banking collapse has seen Karl Marx's stock rise higher than at any point since the 1960s and the old stogie-fancier was on the button again when he wrote that "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce".

Written by Martin Veitch07 Nov. 08 07:21

Citrix plans next revolution

<a href="">Citrix Systems</a> might not be the first company that comes to mind when CIOs think about the most influential business IT vendors of the last 20 years, but even if it doesn't quite stand alongside Microsoft, it has a solid claim to fame as the firm that reinvented the possibilities of Windows computing.

Written by Martin Veitch01 Nov. 08 06:42

Ballmer on cloud computing, virtualisation and more

CIO: I'm just going to run through these questions now because we have literally just 20 minutes. I'm going to fire them off -- is that OK for you?
Steve Ballmer: Great.

Written by Martin Veitch29 Oct. 08 22:00

How not to be a firefighting CIO

Being an IT leader is tough enough at the best of times, but what do you do when your company is stacked with IT experts? 'Make the most of it' would appear to be the attitude of Frank Modruson, CIO of Accenture, one of the world's biggest management consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies.
&quot;It's interesting: There are 180,000 experts on my job here,&quot; he quips, referring to the total size of Accenture's workforce. He also has 3500 staff working for him. &quot;That leads to feedback and scrutiny, and that's good. The educated consumer puts you in good stead. They challenge you as long as you're willing to try things. I get to leverage this capability.&quot;

Written by Martin Veitch28 Oct. 08 22:00

Books every CIO should have

Mesh Collaboration
Creating New Business Value in the Network of Everything

Written by Martin Veitch21 Sept. 08 22:00

Google Eyes the Enterprise Market

For the best part of the last 20 years, pundits have reported on challengers to Microsoft Office and Exchange, the hugely powerful and lucrative franchises that sit alongside Windows in the underpinnings of the world's biggest software company. Most have failed to survive, never mind prosper, but the latest web-based challenger from Google seems to have some legs.

Written by Martin Veitch04 Sept. 08 10:31

The second age of e-discovery

E-discovery is a relatively new concept that describes the process by which information is recovered from corporate networks, usually to answer the demands of regulators or the law. It is a subject close to the hearts of CEOs everywhere, given the stringent penalties and resulting brand damage that have been applied to companies unable to provide information on demand.

Written by Martin Veitch08 Aug. 08 18:15

Former BT CIO buys trendy telco platform startup

<a href="">BT</a> <a href="">said Tuesday</a> that it has acquired <a href="">Ribbit Corporation</a>, a Silicon Valley startup (working in "Telco 2.0" indeed) for US$105m (£53m) in cash.

Written by Martin Veitch29 July 08 23:42