Stories by Martin Veitch

Don't believe the Windows 7 hype

That the PR hordes at Microsoft would begin the jungle drumbeat for the next version of Windows within an ace of the launch of Vista was, of course, to be expected. The company's default position whenever challenged about its latest products has always been to pique the appetite for the next version through calculated leaks, the drawing up of roadmaps, the tossing around of code names and the issuing of possible feature details. This predictable tactic is rearing its head again with a steady stream of stories appearing in the media: Google News today lists 862. The question is: why do we play along?

Written by Martin Veitch01 July 08 14:12

Paul Collingwood, Paul Coby & the art of the mea culpa

It was difficult not to detect shades of the PR handler when Paul Collingwood faced his interrogators Wednesday evening, following the shameful episode of The Run-Out That Wasn't.
For those that don't follow cricket, England captain Collingwood surely went against the spirit of the game by calling for a New Zealand batsman to be given out after the Kiwi had run into a member of the opposing team and, as a consequence, failed to make his ground. The incident sparked angry scenes and many thought it just when New Zealand went on to win the game.

Written by Martin Veitch29 June 08 22:00

Is the fire-fighting IT chief becoming extinct?

At least some CIOs are optimistic that their fire-fighting days are going to be reduced. A survey by Coleman-Parkes Research, conducted on behalf of Avanade, found that IT bosses expect to spend 14 percent of their time on crisis management in three years' time compared to 26 percent three years ago.

Written by Martin Veitch27 June 08 15:41

New Intel CIO plans cloud computing trials

Incoming Intel CIO Diane Bryant will network with fellow information chiefs, examine cloud computing and advocate using the chip giant's internal operations as a test-bed for product development in her new role.

Written by Martin Veitch18 June 08 19:13

The new 'T' skills

Outside IBM's large, grey, Stalinist complex on London's South Bank, the squally March weather is blowing umbrellas inside out, and sending discarded newspapers, food wrappers, and other detritus to the four winds. Tourists scurry into the nearby National Theatre, Hayward Gallery and other attractions, sprinting to escape the latest caprices of nature.
Inside, Graham Spittle is reflecting on a different type of sudden change. After two decades working in software development at IBM's famed Hursley campus near Winchester, Hampshire, Spittle is taking up a new challenge, as IBM's Software Group vice president for the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

Written by Martin Veitch20 April 08 22:00