Stories by Paul McNamara

Metcalfe's Law . . . ain't?

Math has never been my strong suit, so far be it from me to get between industry legend Bob Metcalfe and a pair of university researchers as they butt heads over the validity of "Metcalfe's Law."
Actually, it's the academics doing most of the head knocking; Metcalfe is more or less bemused by the attention.

Written by Paul McNamara20 March 05 23:00

Opinion: Broadband service a flight of fancy?

Talk about your digital divides: While access to broadband remains a pipe dream for many at any price, a privileged handful of travelers are now zipping around the 'Net from the comfort of airline seats some 30,000 feet over the Atlantic.
Two European airlines - Lufthansa AG and British Airways PLC - recently began passenger trials of a high-speed, satellite-based Internet service called Connexion by Boeing on single Frankfurt-to-Washington and London-to-New York flights, respectively. Laptop toting reporters on the initial hops filed generally positive reviews - and presumably outrageous expense reports - although there was grumbling about details such as awkwardly located Ethernet jacks and power plugs.

Written by Paul McNamara12 June 03 22:00