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VoIP use to soar in Asia, In-Stat says

The market for VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) services in Asia, including Japan, is expected to grow at rate of around US$1 billion per year between 2005 and 2009 to more than $10 billion, as the number of users more than doubles, according to market researcher In-Stat.

Written by Dan Nystedt23 Nov. 05 03:41

Destructive power of mobile viruses could rise fast

The dream of a connected world where PCs and mobile phones can communicate with the digital home and other devices is supposed to make life easier. But it could instead make life far more dangerous if malware developers have their way.

Written by Dan Nystedt29 Sept. 05 09:28

Motorola wins sub-$30 mobile phone competition

Motorola has won a competition to develop a sub-US$30 mobile phone for poor countries.
The association, whose members include mobile network operators and equipment makers, challenged phone manufacturers to develop mobile handsets with a wholesale price of under $30 each earlier this year to improve access to telecommunications services in developing countries.

Written by Dan Nystedt27 Sept. 05 22:00

Top LCD maker bets research on LED backlights

AU Optronics, the world's third largest maker of LCD (liquid crystal display) screens, is aiming most of its research dollars at LED (light emitting diode) technology for its sharper contrasts and brighter colors, an executive at the company said.

Written by Dan Nystedt22 Sept. 05 10:01

Group creates fuel-cell guidelines for mobile PCs

An industry standards group that includes chip makers, Intel and STMicroelectronics, has published a document detailing the requirements a fuel cell technology would need to power a mobile PC.

Written by Dan Nystedt27 June 05 08:25

IDC downgrades 2005 global IT spending growth forecasts

International Data Corp. lowered its growth forecast for global information technology spending this year, due mainly to weakness in Europe and Japan, the market researcher said Wednesday.

Written by Dan Nystedt04 May 05 15:47