Stories by Jon Surmacz

Unsolved Marketing Mysteries

Just because the Energizer Bunny is widely recognized (and “beloved” according to Energizer’s website), doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers are more likely to buy Energizer batteries. Figuring out which marketing messages actually translate into sales and revenues is the Holy Grail of marketers. Some marketers in search of data are turning to what are called marketing automation technologies, which analyze data from various sources such as CRM systems, point-of-sale systems and other databases.

Written by Jon Surmacz23 Jan. 04 13:42

MasterCard vs. PayPal

Mastercard International has imposed a deadline on its member institutions to comply with rules aimed at protecting consumers from unscrupulous Internet merchants.
The credit card giant says it is merely enforcing its rules; that it's wary of merchants that link consumers to websites that aggregate transactions, then process them through MasterCard without identifying the merchant.

Written by Jon Surmacz02 Oct. 02 22:00