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High-flying Bizzone expo kicks off in Auckland

Bizzone organisers say record numbers have signed up for the expo which opens in Auckland today.
More than 4000 people have pre-registered for the Auckland event and Bizzone is expecting 13,000 people to attend the expo in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Written by Hamish Barwick26 May 09 22:00

Poor work culture costing local businesses $2.6 billion

Poor work culture and a lack of workplace leadership are costing the local business sector more than $2.6 billion a year, according to new figures released by Leading Teams this week.
Research shows less than half of employees trust their bosses, and one in four workers don’t care about their jobs.

Written by Hamish Barwick26 May 09 22:00

Orcon offers business customers free data downloads

Orcon@work and home broadband customers can make their data allowances go further, with the telecommunications company offering free data downloads from a range of popular local websites.
The deal means customers can access zero-rated data from seven websites and the company’s email servers. It plans to grow the list of sites in the future.

Written by Hamish Barwick25 May 09 22:00

The cloud and the public sector

Both CIOs and policy executives should see the cloud as both a threat and an opportunity, according to Ovum Australia research director Steve Hodgkinson
He says cloud services are a threat to CIOs because the cloud will come to be viewed as the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to source basic commodity ICT services.

Written by Hamish Barwick20 May 09 22:00

Crane Group signs $20 million contract with Gen-i

Gen-i and Crane Group have signed a five year contract worth over $20 million to extend its existing voice and data services relationship.
The contract will bring together all of Crane Group’s telecommunication services. The company has a large presence through its building and industrial companies trading under the Mico, Mastertrade, Cory’s, Euipsafety and Mico Metals brand names.

Written by Hamish Barwick19 May 09 22:00

Microsoft's Ackhurst urges industry collaboration

The local ICT industry remains plagued by self-serving industry groups, image problems and a bias toward employing men, Microsoft New Zealand managing director Kevin Ackhurst told a recent roundtable hosted by the software vendor at the University of Auckland Business School.

Written by Hamish Barwick18 May 09 22:00

Wellington Angels invest in cloud computing venture

Wellington company InterGrid’s cloud computing offering Green Button has received backing from fellow Wellington company Angel HQ.
The deal means InterGrid has secured the necessary funds to scale the business out globally. The company has had visits to its website from users in 56 countries.

Written by Hamish Barwick18 May 09 22:00

Mobile broadband market floodgates opened

Competition between Vodafone and Telecom’s new XT network will finally push open the mobile broadband floodgates, driving mobile growth up 19 percent to 5.516 million connections by 2013, according to IDC New Zealand.
Telecommunications research manager, Rosalie Nelson, says that New Zealand already has more mobile connections than people, with 110 percent mobile penetration by the end of 2008.

Written by Hamish Barwick18 May 09 22:00

Infosys Australia unleashes A/NZ consulting business

Services company Infosys Technologies’ Australian operation has launched a consulting and systems integration practice across Australia and New Zealand.
According to the company the practice adds a significant string to its bow as a consulting partner.

Written by Hamish Barwick16 April 09 22:00

Online and financial security concerns soar

New Zealand has recorded its highest Unisys Security Index since December 2007 with a 15 point increase.
The index now stands at 124 out of 300. The study measures consumer perceptions on a scale of zero to 300, with 300 representing the highest level of concern.

Written by Hamish Barwick15 April 09 22:00

A close look at Windows 7

As XP ages, upgrading to Windows 7 is a good step for enterprises and CIOs to make, according to Windows business client manager Ben Green.
“For a CIO, the conversation we have with them is looking at the total cost of running desktop infrastructure and what is the productivity return. What we know from research is that 70 per cent of cost is labour related and only 30 per cent of it is to do with the cost of the hardware.”

Written by Hamish Barwick12 April 09 22:00

Auckland firm injects life into Aussie e-script programme

An Australian e-script project, eRx Script Exchange, which Auckland company Simpl began in September last year, has been rolled out in the states of Victoria and New South Wales.
The platform enables GPs and medical specialists to send prescriptions electronically through a secure gateway, for retrieval from a patient’s pharmacy.

Written by Hamish Barwick07 April 09 22:00

Managing talent during crunch times

With the current economic slowdown, the ICT department is not immune to directives to trim down staff. What’s a CIO to do?
“Stack rack your people and scrape from the bottom,” advises Erik Berggren, director of customer results and global research for SuccessFactors, a provider of on-demand performance and talent management software. “It sounds hard, but if you have to get rid of 20 people then it’s better to cut the lowest performers,”

Written by Hamish Barwick07 April 09 22:00

Tapping into the business goals of CIOs

Intermec’s global sales and service senior vice president Mike Wills, says it has been “very dramatic” to see how CIO priorities have changed in the plast couple of months.
“Without a doubt inventory management and working capital improvement is the number-one priority these CIOs are facing today. Typically, they have a metric scorecard that they run their business by and it i’s everything from customer satisfaction, customer service levels, loyalty and of course the balance sheet metrics.”

Written by Hamish Barwick18 March 09 23:00

Gas industry registry goes live

Specialist technology services company Jade Software has delivered the gas industry’s first customer registry system.
Since the system went live on 1 March, it has received more than 5000 switch requests. GIS expects the average monthly figures to be 3000. Pre-Gas Registry switches were estimated by the industry at 1000 a month.

Written by Hamish Barwick17 March 09 23:00