Stories by Darren Horrigan

How to deal with Gen-Y in the workplace

Let's get something straight: Gen-Y wants to work with you, not for you. Yes, its members have short attention spans, their attention to detail is poor, and they expect instant access to any level of the organisation. But they also have abundant energy, they are IT savvy, and they want to work for organisations that are ethical. One final thing: they are ambitious.
If you're the type of manager who can't deal with such mercurial types then there are rough days ahead.

Written by Darren Horrigan15 June 10 22:00

The Pathway to CIO

From the Web site of one of the world's most prestigious executive search firms, Egon Zehnder International -- and under the heading of "Thought Leadership" no less -- comes this chilling judgement... "Although CIOs are an emerging presence in the executive suite, few IT executives have the business qualifications or capitalist's killer instinct for making money." -- '

Written by Darren Horrigan12 May 10 05:57