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Seven IT security skills certifications on the rise

A number of IT security skills certifications requiring candidates to pass exams have sharply gained in terms of demand and pay value, according to a new Foote Partners report.

Written by Ellen Messmer19 Aug. 13 20:14

BYOD resistance loosening but security practices lacking

A survey of 650 information and security professionals about how the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend is impacting their organizations finds one-quarter of them forbid use of personally owned devices such as smartphones and tablets on the network. However, the majority that do often lack meaningful policies or security controls related to these devices.

Written by Ellen Messmer25 Oct. 12 10:50

How BYOD has changed the IT landscape

It may be hard for some to just say ‘no’ to the growing “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) crowd, but that was the initial reaction manager of information at certified public accounting firm Burr, Pilger, Mayer Anthony Peters had when senior executives starting purchasing iPhones, asking them to be supported.

Written by Ellen Messmer05 Sept. 12 10:22

Does 'shadow IT' lurk in your company?

Business divisions are bypassing the IT department, making their own decisions to buy cloud-based application services or use mobile devices, raising the specter of so-called "shadow IT" that's outside the knowledge or control of the CIO and the IT staff.

Written by Ellen Messmer08 Aug. 12 19:41

Does two-factor authentication need to be fixed?

Does two-factor authentication need to be fixed? Tough criticisms heard this week from researchers about the effectiveness of two-factor authentication, especially as it's used in its token form for one-time passwords and smartcards, suggest advances need to be made to restore its luster as security protection.

Written by Ellen Messmer27 June 12 20:30

Forrester: Think before rushing to fix security holes

Forrester Research this week published a report that advises security professionals not to jump the gun on fixing security deficiencies immediately after a data breach is identified since that could destroy valuable evidence needed to prosecute cyber-criminals.

Written by Ellen Messmer09 Nov. 11 22:00

Symantec cloud-based service seeks out 'rogue certificates'

Symantec this week introduced what it calls the Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center, a cloud-based service that works with an on-premises software component to keep track of SSL server certificates used by an organization.

Written by Ellen Messmer15 Sept. 11 05:46

The 5 biggest IT security mistakes

Like cleaning the windows, IT security can be a thankless task because they only notice when you don't do it. But to get the job done in the era of virtualization, smartphones and cloud computing, you've got to avoid technical and political mistakes. In particular, here are five security mistakes to avoid:

Written by Ellen Messmer26 July 11 02:31

Survey finds many disappointed in virtualisation, cloud computing

Too often, organisations aren't getting as much out of virtualisation and hybrid cloud computing as they first thought they would, according to a Symantec survey of 3,700 information technology managers in 35 countries that was published today.

Written by Ellen Messmer13 June 11 22:00

More than half of fired workers steal data on way out

A survey of 945 individuals who were laid off, fired or quit their jobs in the past 12 months shows that 59% admitted to stealing company data and 67% used their former company's confidential information to leverage a new job.

Written by Ellen Messmer22 Feb. 09 22:00

Encryption top IT security initiative in 2009

IT security budgets are increasing in 2009 to consume 12.6% of the entire IT operating budget, up from 11.7% in 2008, according to <a href=",7211,47857,00.html">Forrester Research's survey</a> of 942 IT and security managers in North America and Europe.

Written by Ellen Messmer06 Jan. 09 08:15

Unhappy IT leaders

Among all functional executives, IT leaders have the lowest level of job satisfaction, according to a survey conducted by executive career and recruiting network ExecuNet. Slightly more than half of the 286 IT executives who responded to the survey, say they're satisfied with their current jobs.
Finance executives express the greatest job satisfaction, with 68 per cent claiming contentment, followed by HR (65 per cent), marketing (63 per cent), general management (61 per `cent), sales (54 per cent), and bringing up the rear, IT.

Written by Ellen Messmer23 Aug. 08 22:00