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Who knows what when and how?

Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric Co., and Lou Gerstner, chairman of the board at IBM Corp., probably have much in common, but one interesting parallel in particular comes through in their autobiographies. Welch in Straight From the Gut and Gerstner in Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? both say -- loosely paraphrased -- I wish I could have made the decisions I made faster.
Speed has two components when it comes to decision-making. One is our ability to overcome the educated person's partial curse of "analysis paralysis." The second component is having the right information available to the right person at the right time so he or she can make the best decision. Microsoft (full disclosure: I work for Microsoft) calls this "organizational agility," but in my efforts to appear unbiased, I will just call it highly distributed business intelligence.

Written by Jeremy Epstein20 Oct. 03 21:00