Stories by Gerald Wee

People before technology

The value of people was one of the key messages put across at the CIO Asia Breakfast Roundtable held at the Ritz Carlton Jakarta recently.
Sponsored by Microsoft Services, the topic was ‘Making Better Decisions: Using Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Unified Communications to Capitalise on Economic Recovery’.

Written by Gerald Wee18 May 10 22:00

Organisational networks remain vulnerable

Poor network management and basic security vulnerability oversights are leaving organisations open to security attacks, compliance breaches and operational downtime.

Written by Gerald Wee03 April 09 03:09

Warning: Weak business supply chain links

The number one challenge facing organisational supply chains is the ability to make sense of the overwhelming and disparate data, according to IBM's latest Global Chief Supply Chain Officer study which interviewed some 400 supply chain executives in 25 countries.
The study, entitled The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future, found that 70 per cent say this is the biggest challenge because as more information is made available, proportionately less is being effectively captured, managed, analysed and made available to people who need it.

Written by Gerald Wee20 March 09 23:00

Open source opens doors

There's little doubt. Whether you like it or not, open source software is hot, and getting hotter. It is more than just Linux, although most know the paradigm by that proxy. There are databases, office applications, and other enterprise software to be had.

Written by Gerald Wee25 July 06 23:54