Stories by Heather Havenstein

The art of ceding control of consumer tech to end users

Enterprises are being overrun with consumer technologies like instant messaging, mobile devices, Skype and social networking tools as workers seek to infuse the workplace with the productivity these tools have given them off the corporate clock.

Written by Heather Havenstein07 Aug. 07 16:55

Parties look to IT for election edge

Perhaps the only issue that sparring Democrats and Republicans can agree on before Tuesday's midterm elections is the increasing importance of using IT to better target specific voters.

Written by Heather Havenstein03 Nov. 06 21:03

IT consolidates BI tools as use expands

As companies look to extend business intelligence capabilities to growing numbers of end users, IT operations are consolidating multiple BI tool sets and forging closer ties with business units.
Attendees at a Computerworld Business Intelligence Perspectives conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, said tool consolidation should make BI tools easier to use and reduce IT support requirements.

Written by Heather Havenstein02 Oct. 05 21:00

Borland CEO Dale Fuller steps down

Borland Software CEO Dale Fuller resigned Thursday after the company reported preliminary financial results that were lower than expected.

Written by Heather Havenstein11 July 05 08:15

Oracle plans to add BI offerings

Oracle is maneuvering to bolster its business intelligence market share with new stand-alone query, reporting and analysis tools and an extension of the operational reporting in its applications suite.
The company has introduced an unbundled query, reporting and analysis tool set that was previously packaged with its application server, as well as enhancements to the Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) prebuilt operational reporting tool that ships as part of its E-Business application suite, said analysts who have been briefed by Oracle.

Written by Heather Havenstein26 Nov. 04 22:00

IBM, Borland upgrade developer tools

Borland Software and IBM announced upgrades to their development tools this week designed to support heterogeneous environments and more closely link software creation to business goals.

Written by Heather Havenstein14 Oct. 04 13:42

SAS unveils new BI platform, apps

SAS Institute unveiled its new SAS 9 business intelligence platform Tuesday that includes data integration, enhanced analytics, and refined user interfaces designed to drive BI beyond the traditional querying and reporting domain of the high-end business analyst to users throughout the enterprise.

Written by Heather Havenstein31 March 04 07:45

Supply-chain apps go vertical

In search of the real-time information exchange and collaboration required by complex supply chains, manufacturers are finding pre-specialized solutions may offer the boost they've been seeking.
Lessons learned from past supply-chain deployments helped enterprises realize that the deep industry knowledge and scalability offered by specialized systems can be key to streamlining a supply chain. In response, best-of-breed vendors are ramping up supply-chain offerings tailored for specific vertical markets, such as consumer packaged goods and process manufacturing. Other companies are turning to their ERP vendors for supply-chain modules that snap on to existing accounting and HR systems, and the enterprise application companies are mounting their own efforts to lasso vertical business by touting the easy integration of their products to existing back-end systems.

Written by Heather Havenstein08 May 03 22:00

Real-time intelligence rises to surface

Vigilant in the quest to deliver real-time data, BI (business intelligence) and enterprise application vendors are turning to analytic tools in an attempt to energize the supply chain.

Written by Heather Havenstein28 April 03 14:31

Wireless switching paves new application path

Enterprise application vendors are catching the pervasive-computing bug. Following the porting of enterprise-grade applications to PDAs, advances in network switching technology are paving the way for high-end cellular handsets called smart phones.

Written by Heather Havenstein14 April 03 08:38