Stories by Sue Bushell

In rules we trust

As the world descends into a harsh economic downturn, those who have
been crying out for strong corporate governance can at least bask in

Written by Sue Bushell07 Dec. 08 22:00

Power to the People

When Cairns City Council ran into difficulty with its newly-implemented “best of breed” business suite, corporate services general manager Jo-Anne Scarini could see only one way out - the council was going to have to roll up its collective shirtsleeves and fix the problems in-house

Written by Sue Bushell09 Dec. 03 15:57

The Unbearable Lightness of Budgets

A generous and growing IT budget? In fact it is a rare organisation over the past couple of years that has had the luxury of having loads of cash to pour into IT. For most, belt-tightening has been the order of the day, and predictions for this year remain just as gloomy.

Written by Sue Bushell11 April 03 10:21

Banking on IT

When IT and corporate see eye-to-eye, alignment success is inevitable

Written by Sue Bushell24 Jan. 01 13:23

Access Denied

When it comes to doing business on the Web the first rule is: please everyone, all the time. Shut the disabled out of your Web site and you not only risk legal action - you'll be missing out on one of the largest blocks of buying power the Internet has to offer

Written by Sue Bushell23 Aug. 00 12:01

Common Ground

Which bank is en route to world's best practice? An innovative outsourcing deal between the Commonwealth Bank and EDS shows others how to think about the risks and rewards of a new kind of relationship.

Written by Sue Bushell28 July 98 14:28

Measuring Up

Now that more business executives are recognising the strategic importance of technology, the opportunity to leverage IT has never been greater. But delivering basic IT functionality remains a prerequisite for a CIO's success

Written by Sue Bushell01 July 98 12:04