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Avast: Windows XP users already attacked 6 times more often than Windows 7 users

The words of warning about Windows XP's impending end-of-life are no joke. After April 8, Microsoft will stop supplying security patches for the 13-year-old operating system--and a recent blog post by Avast, provider of one of the more popular free antivirus solutions around, drives home just how dangerous using Windows XP beyond that is.

Written by Brad Chacos18 March 14 17:40

In Pictures: Your new PC needs these 22 free programs

More than a mere blank slate, a new PC is a fresh opportunity—a collection of components that, with the right software installed, could accomplish anything from balancing your household budget to helping to cure cancer. Yes, stocking your PC is an intensely personal task. Even still, some programs are so helpful, so handy, so useful across the board that we heartily recommend them to everybody. These are the programs you want to install on a new PC first.

Written by Brad Chacos15 Jan. 14 09:17

'Encrypt everything:' Google's answer to government surveillance is catching on

While Microsoft's busy selling t-shirts and mugs about how Google's "Scroogling" you, the search giant's chairman is busy tackling a much bigger problem: How to keep your information secure in a world full of prying eyes and governments willing to drag in data by the bucket load. And according to Google's Eric Schmidt, the answer is fairly straightforward.

Written by Brad Chacos21 Nov. 13 20:12

Why your business needs an internal blog

Amid so many tweets, status updates, and SMS messages, it can be easy to lose sight that "social" doesn't necessarily mean "brief," especially when it comes to internal communications. It's hard to talk about financing, customer relations, or a complex manufacturing process in 140 characters, after all.

Written by Brad Chacos11 Sept. 12 19:21