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10 Ways to Keep Windows XP Machines Secure

Now that Microsoft's support for the popular Windows XP operating system has ended, you'll need to use every trick in the book to stop your machines from being compromised.

Written by Paul Rubens05 May 14 23:49

How to support Windows XP now that Microsoft isn't

Official Microsoft support for Windows XP has ended. However, as many as 20 per cent of business endpoints still use the popular operating system. If your company ranks among those still using XP, here's how you can protect your machines from the forthcoming onslaught of security vulnerabilities.

Written by Paul Rubens07 April 14 23:54

7 Things You May Not Know About Microsoft Office

This isn't your parent's Microsoft Office. Recent activity culminating with the SharePoint Conference 2014 shows that Microsoft is making its Office suite more social, more integrated with both home-grown and acquired Microsoft technologies, more analytical and more cloud-friendly.

Written by Paul Rubens18 March 14 09:01

7 Reasons Not to Use Open Source Software

Businesses of all sizes embrace open source software and the benefits it can bring. Sometimes, though, choosing proprietary software makes better business sense. Here are seven scenarios when it pays to pay for your software.

Written by Paul Rubens11 Feb. 14 13:44

How Mobile Developers Can Win Customers' Trust

Many of today's mobile and Web applications collect personal data. This makes plenty of users pause before downloading. To ease user's minds -- and to help developers demonstrate that they have legitimate reasons for collecting that information -- MyPermissions has established a permissions certificate process to deem apps 'trustworthy.'

Written by Paul Rubens05 Feb. 14 16:56

Are CIOs Destined to Work for the CMO?

As marketing departments becoming more reliant on technology, a strong relationship with the CMO will be necessary for the survival of CIOs. In fact, don't be surprised to see CEOs siding marketing when there's a conflict.

Written by Paul Rubens07 Oct. 13 19:34

What Open Source Hadoop Coming to Windows Means to IT

Hadoop is nearly synonymous with the analysis of big data. The Hortonworks Data Platform on Windows is significant as it means that companies lacking Linux expertise will finally be able to benefit from the big data analysis platform, which has been out of the reach of Windows shops.

Written by Paul Rubens13 May 13 14:21