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Assange at SXSW: 'Who really wears the pants in the administration?'

Julian Assange doesn't use the blustering rhetoric you might expect from the founder of the activist publishing group WikiLeaks. Assange is responsible for leaking documents that have changed America's political landscape-- State Department cables and Iraq War logs--yet to a South by Southwest audience on Saturday, he spoke quietly and matter-of-factly even when uttering the most inflammatory statements.

Written by Caitlin McGarry09 March 14 00:42

CES proved the Internet of Things is more than a catchphrase

You pull into your driveway, put your car in park, and close the garage. At this point, you fumble for your keys, feel along the wall for the light switches, and adjust the thermostat--but what if your door unlocked, lights turned on, and the house was set to a comfortable temperature before you even walked through the door? This is the very near future: the Internet of Things.

Written by Caitlin McGarry10 Jan. 14 22:02

Crowdsourcing a crisis: How to use Twitter in a tragedy

Social media can be invaluable in the immediate aftermath of a disaster or breaking news story. It can also give you a dangerously distorted picture of what's going on.

Written by Caitlin McGarry23 April 13 17:08