Stories by Brian Eastwood

How to Cultivate a Strong Healthcare CIO-CMIO Relationship

CIOs in every industry play tug of war with their executive peers. For healthcare CIOs, the game's often even more one-sided. In addition to pulling against the marketing, operations and finance departments, among others, they can face opposition from the medical side of the business.

Written by Brian Eastwood18 Nov. 14 02:39

Healthcare CIOs Can't Be Afraid to Innovate

Steven Sasson built the first digital camera in 1975. He worked for Kodak. Thirty-seven years later, Kodak went out of business because it failed to embrace technology it had invented.

Written by Brian Eastwood30 Oct. 14 05:20

Medical Device Security Benchmarks Emerging

Healthcare's increasing reliance on medical devices, coupled with an ever-growing list of healthcare IT security threats, has pushed device safety to the forefront of the cybersecurity conversation. (The pacemaker hack on Homeland, the Emmy-winning Showtime drama, drew attention to the issue, too.)

Written by Brian Eastwood16 Oct. 14 01:58

How Boston Children's Hospital Hit Back at Anonymous

On March 20, Dr. Daniel J. Nigrin, senior vice president for information services and CIO at Boston Children's Hospital, got word that his organization faced an imminent threat from Anonymous in response to the hospital's diagnosis and treatment of a 15-year-old girl removed from her parent's care by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Written by Brian Eastwood15 Sept. 14 22:40

Why Patient Portals Remain Healthcare's Enigma

Healthcare's ongoing effort to fix patient engagement has been stymied by a widespread inability to improve patient portal adoption. In an era when consumers can do just about anything online, healthcare IT leaders are often at a loss to explain why so few patients – and physicians – embrace tools for online collaboration.

Written by Brian Eastwood02 Sept. 14 23:56

Making Fitness Trackers Last Requires Team Effort

Roughly one in three consumers who starts using a fitness tracker stops using it within a year. Research from IDC says the top reason for device abandonment isn't battery life, comfort or functionality.

Written by Brian Eastwood12 Aug. 14 00:08

Why Hospitals Still Struggle to Sell Telehealth

Telehealth stands among the healthcare industry's few technology success stories. It brings virtual care to underserved or remote locations. It gives facilities an opportunity to export expertise or, conversely, outsource costly operations. It cuts costs for healthcare systems as well as patients.

Written by Brian Eastwood05 Aug. 14 00:14

Making the Clinical Data Warehouse Relevant Again

The clinical data warehouse used to represent what was wrong with healthcare IT: An incomplete data source that was siloed to boot. But Texas Children's Hospital has turned its data warehouse into a valuable tool for clinical and operational analytics.

Written by Brian Eastwood03 June 14 22:48

7 Ways CIOs Should Prepare for the Digital Enterprise

The whole world's gone digital. As today's companies try to keep up, many CIOs feel like a hamster on a wheel, constantly moving but never getting anywhere. This advice from the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium could offer at least a bit of relief.

Written by Brian Eastwood28 May 14 00:22

In Pictures: How to do Big Data in healthcare

Many healthcare organisations like to talk about data analytics. However, here are eight pieces of expert advice to help you actually do it.

Written by Brian Eastwood26 May 14 08:22

Being a Successful Healthcare CIO Requires Vision

Today's healthcare IT leaders have a lot on their plates. The rush to digitize is hitting them hard -- but one CIO says it's shortsighted to simply focus on technology itself, not on the fundamental industry changes that tech will bring.

Written by Brian Eastwood18 March 14 14:03

In Pictures: How 19 Tech Titans Target Healthcare

Healthcare is a huge market with much room for improvement. Here's how the world's largest technology companies -- from Amazon to Verizon -- are lining up for a piece of the pie.

Written by Brian Eastwood24 Feb. 14 09:28