Stories by Matthew Finnegan

Alexa for Business paves way for smart A.I. assistants at work

Amazon hopes to push Alexa into the office. At the same time, Cisco and Microsoft also see potential for voice-activated A.I. assistants to automate mundane tasks such as starting video conferences and booking meeting rooms.

Written by Matthew Finnegan08 Dec. 17 04:43

A year after launch, how has Facebook Workplace fared?

With 14,000 organizations worldwide using its business collaboration app, Facebook has a foothold in the enterprise, but it faces stiff competition on multiple fronts.

Written by Matthew Finnegan04 Oct. 17 03:56

Big Data analytics: the future of IT security?

Big data analytics tools will be crucial to enterprise security as criminals deploy faster and more sophisticated attacks in attempts to steal sensitive data, according to security firm RSA.

Written by Matthew Finnegan21 March 14 19:05