Stories by Adam Dennison

CIOs vs. Consumer Tech: How to Win Over Your Users

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison makes the case for CIOs to take advantage of user enthusiasm for new technologies while shoring up security and compliance controls.

Written by Adam Dennison23 June 14 22:52

Do leaders create a great company culture -- or vice versa?

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison contends that great leadership and a thriving company culture ultimately support one another, and pays tribute to the legacy of IDG's late Chairman Patrick J. McGovern.

Written by Adam Dennison29 April 14 22:53

Mapping the C-Suite's Digital Future

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison nominates the CIO as the best 'pathfinder' to help C-suite execs move confidently toward digital business, and provides a link to the CIO Executive Council's new digital readiness survey.

Written by Adam Dennison27 Feb. 14 14:20

Follow the Money: CIOs Have Nothing to Fear From CMOs

CIO's Publisher Adam Dennison doesn't buy the notion that CMO budgets for IT will outstrip those of CIOs in the coming years, citing new State of the CIO research to prove it.

Written by Adam Dennison02 Jan. 14 13:32