Stories by Dan Muse

AI takes a seat at the table (and wins)

An artificial intelligence has beaten world-class poker players at their own game, and well-known companies like TGI Fridays and Capital One are starting to harness AI to better serve customers. But smart CIOs should proceed with caution as they approach artificial intelligence.

Written by Dan Muse12 April 17 06:56

CIO Quick Takes: Pick your tech buzzword

Buzzwords abound in the tech industry, but we were curious to see which ones stand out to CIOs. So we asked three of them. The answers won't surprise you.

Written by Dan Muse02 March 16 06:54

CIO Quick Takes: 8 IT leaders look back at 2015

We asked eight CIOs what they will remember most about 2015. Some focused on continued transformation, hybrid clouds, ‘shared services’ models, acquisition and IT integration employee retention and even unplugging.

Written by Dan Muse24 Dec. 15 20:16

CIO Quick Takes: How to evaluate startups

With new technology moving faster than most CIOs can train staff and recruit talent, it's obvious why working with startups is an attractive option. But how can IT leaders tell which rising stars will prosper and which will fall? Four CIOs share insight and advice.

Written by Dan Muse09 Dec. 15 18:34

CIOs discuss how they nurture IT talent

It's no epiphany to point out that the CIO's world is changing. Technology budgets are moving to other departments, apps and infrastructure are moving to the cloud, CDOs are moving in, the bad guys are moving to steal your data ... so what's the CIO's best move?

Written by Dan Muse31 March 15 06:46