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New Pokémon Go maps show you where to catch 'em all

Where can I find Pikachu? More than one Pokémon Go map promises to help you find rare Pokémon—and they need your help. Here's our list of the best Pokémon Go maps.

Written by Mark Hachman15 July 16 03:45

Windows 10 launches with its fair share of bugs

Microsoft's been candid in claiming that Windows 10 will never be perfect. The company used millions of Windows Insider beta testers to help squash bugs before launch. But as more and more users download, install, and test the new OS, notable issues are coming to light.

Written by Mark Hachman30 July 15 05:46

Ballmer wasn't fired from Microsoft, but he was pushed

In a candid interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said that he was encouraged to hustle his transformation plan into motion, but ended up being pushed out the door.

Written by Mark Hachman15 Nov. 13 23:49