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CIO upfront: GDPR and the Privacy Bill - Mind the gap

With the new Privacy Bill likely to be implemented in a little over six months and the Christmas break looming, it’s a good time for agencies to consider what the new Privacy Bill means for them, write Alex Chapman and Amy Ryburn of Buddle Findlay

Written by CIO New Zealand18 Nov. 19 04:31

Privacy Bill reform: ‘Time to raise your game’

The Privacy Commissioner has sent a clear message that he expects businesses to do more to make sure customers are aware of how their information is being collected and used. Allan Yeoman and Keri Johansson of Buddle Findlay list areas organisations need to consider as they review their privacy policies

Written by CIO New Zealand18 Oct. 19 12:33

Meet the Microsoft NZ Partners award winners

“Some of the examples we’ve seen have created an impact that reaches far beyond one organisation, transforming people’s wellbeing as well as our natural environment,” says Sarah Bowden, Microsoft New Zealand One Commercial Partner Director.

Written by CIO New Zealand18 Oct. 19 09:45

CIO upfront: Why transferrable skills will matter more in an AI world

If Kiwi employers want to have the broadest possible access to talented workers, we need to shift our attitudes about needing a piece of paper or specific experience to do certain tasks, writes Patrick Quesnel of Microsoft NZ

Written by CIO New Zealand09 Oct. 19 14:00

Why all organisations should be resourcing like a startup

As more and more organisations shift to using agile working models, the need to be able to quickly scale resources up and down becomes increasingly vital, writes James Fuller of Hnry.

Written by CIO New Zealand08 Oct. 19 06:01

2degrees reports 100,000 broadband customers

“Industry data shows we’re the only telco in New Zealand experiencing growth in the broadband market, says Mark Aue, chief executive, 2degrees.

Written by CIO New Zealand01 Oct. 19 14:40

Greenbox buys NZ firm Recytech

Australian IT asset lifecycle management company says expansion is in response to demand from global partners

Written by CIO New Zealand23 Sept. 19 13:44