Stories by CIO New Zealand

When machines collude

Troy Pilkington, Sarah Keene, Liz Blythe, Zoe Sims and Chris Brunt of Russell McVeagh write about a critical facet of using AI in business.

Written by CIO New Zealand20 March 19 06:30

‘A robot stole my job!’

How can organisations manage employee fears regarding the introduction of AI? Kylie Dunn, Liz Blythe, Laura Cole and Zoe Sims of Russell McVeagh share some pointers.

Written by CIO New Zealand14 March 19 06:30

The rise of ‘DARQ’ power

Organisations are setting their sights beyond digital transformation, and many realise they need new technology in their arsenal to succeed, writes Justin Gray of Accenture

Written by CIO New Zealand11 March 19 07:07

Do your homework first: Data, algorithms and human checkpoints

Before implementing AI, organisations should fully understand the technology, and where the key risk areas lie. These three key factors should be considered first, write Liz Blythe and Zoe Sims of Russell McVeagh

Written by CIO New Zealand04 March 19 06:30

Rhipe signs distribution deal with SMX

The deal will provide a needed email management solution for our existing and new clients, says Tovia Va’aelua, rhipe NZ country manager.

Written by CIO New Zealand25 Feb. 19 08:24

Artificial Intelligence: It’s not stealing your jobs

But businesses must put both their clients and customers in the driving seat, giving them control and quashing any false claims that AI will replace humans at work, writes Sam Daish of Xero

Written by CIO New Zealand07 Feb. 19 12:59