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CIO upfront: Get the fundamentals right, build trust with security baselines

The latest Microsoft security study ranks New Zealand as one of the most low-risk countries in the world for cyberattacks. However, Kiwis have also seen a 205 per cent increase in cybersecurity incidents in the past year. As we’ve learned the hard way, low risk does not mean no risk, writes Russell Craig of Microsoft NZ

Written by CIO New Zealand07 May 19 03:21

CIO upfront: We need to chat about chatbots

Chatbot developers can differentiate themselves from the pack - using one of the most time-tested communication methods, writes Brodie Wooler of FaceMe

Written by CIO New Zealand03 May 19 10:00

CIO upfront: Humans and bots in the workplace

Organisations must have a strong change management process and involve staff early on in any automation project, writes Rob Mills of Blue Prism

Written by CIO New Zealand16 April 19 06:00