Stories by Hamish Grant

Chasing the 'long tail'

As retail continues to evolve and change in Australasia, retailers who only have a single channel risk being left behind and having their loyal customer base eroded. They will lose out to competitors who see the customer as mobile individuals who will shop where ever and how ever they find convenient. ‘Convenience’ is the new key phrase for successful retailers in this data hungry mobile world.
Here’s a little story for you from my own experience: I just bought a chicken house and it came from Timaru (and I live near Palmerston North). It arrived the next day, postage was included and it was cheaper than a different brand in my local store. Most importantly it was delivered to my door without me having to go into town (20 minutes away). Convenience. That won my business.

Written by Hamish Grant11 Dec. 12 22:00