Stories by Sim Ahmed and Divina Paredes

CIO Summit: Data is the new business currency

Data is the new business currency, and Facebook is swimming in gold with over 500 million users providing it with data every day, says Facebook CIO Tim Campos.
Giving a keynote speech at the CIO Summit yesterday, Campos says the terabytes of data the social network collects every day from its users is critical in supporting its growth and the products it sells to its advertising and marketing partners.

Written by Sim Ahmed and Divina Paredes25 June 12 22:00

Top NZ CIOs ahead of public in using LinkedIn and Twitter

CIOs and senior IT executives are down with the latest social networking services, with the number of CIOs on LinkedIn and Twitter well ahead of the national trend.
Of the IT executives from the top 50 organisations in the MIS100 last year, 31 percent have a Facebook account, 10 percent are on Twitter, and a whopping 92 percent use the social employment website LinkedIn.

Written by Sim Ahmed and Divina Paredes09 May 12 22:00