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Wēibó is here to stay

As China’s global influence grows, so too does the importance of distributing human rights information in the Chinese language, writes Vivian Chandra, ICT and database manager at Amnesty International New Zealand.

Written by Vivian Chandra25 July 13 06:51

Repaving the way to success

As IT manager of Amnesty International here in New Zealand, I thought it would be interesting to investigate the global gender diversity across Amnesty’s largest sections. Amongst the top level directors (or CEOs in corporate speak) it was fairly equal – 44 percent males versus 56 percent females. This stands in stark contrast to the top IT professionals in the same sections – 81 percent males versus 19 percent females. If I can be as bold as to generalise, even in a female dominated industry like the non-profit sector, women still do not feature significantly in IT.
If I bring it back home, the computer science department at the University of Auckland reported that its undergraduate enrolments for females have remained at a steady 20 percent of total enrolments since 2008.

Written by Vivian Chandra29 Feb. 12 22:00