Stories by Debbie McLaughlin

The transformers

The IT outsourcing market has experienced relatively low growth in the past three years – but there is now evidence of an upswing, with more than 40 per cent of organisations looking to increase application outsourcing and 25 per cent planning to increase infrastructure ­outsourcing during the next two years.
When asked to identify benefits sought from outsourcing, organisations consistently rate their top three business drivers as access to resources not available internally, reduced costs, and flexibility to buy IT services and capacity on demand. While these benefits are likely to continue as the prime drivers for most, some have instead opted for business transformation outsourcing – an approach that gives pre-eminence to less common ­benefits such as responding to major organisational change and access to innovation.

Written by Debbie McLaughlin12 Nov. 11 22:00

Maintain or modernise

As organisations respond to new forms of competition and shifting expectations, they are undergoing fundamental change in their business models and workplace practices.
To support these ambitious agendas, CIOs face increasing pressure to make generational change to underlying technology platforms.

Written by Debbie McLaughlin13 June 11 22:00