Stories by Rob Mckinnon

Hire purpose

More than almost any other factor in a chief information officer's armoury, having good people is a mainstay for sustained success. Frequently, as CIOs move from one corporate opportunity to another, it is common for trusted, high-performers to follow them.
Building a good team begins with careful staff selection.

Written by Rob Mckinnon09 Oct. 11 22:00

Letter to a young CIO

A subtle change is taking place as the baby-boomer cohort is progressively displaced by the next generation of CIOs. Yet many new CIOs, particularly former technical managers, are remarkably underprepared for their new roles. The following is a letter from an experienced CIO to Abigail, an upwardly mobile IT executive, about to commence her first CIO role.
‘Dear Abbie,

Written by Rob Mckinnon29 Nov. 10 22:00